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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Installment 2: Is there a God?

First InstallmentPhilosophical Question: Is there a God?

Installment 2:
In my first installment I gave factual evidence for the support that the writings of the bible are accurate in their records.  In this I will give my own personal reasons as to why I conclude that their is a God.

If you think about the world I see a place that has a biological and natural rhythm and structure. Nature seems to flow, in a sense. Everything has a pattern. Whether it is DNA replication or the way rocks are layered in the ground or even how life itself seems to be an ongoing cycle. The world spins and rotates and travels around the Sun. None of these things are debated on. In my opinion, something had to set these patterns, these rhythms, into motion.

This is where I think science and religion have trouble with each other. Science has the big bang, religion has creation story. However, could the creation story not be the Big Bang? That's something I have thought of. Why couldn't God send the big bang into motion? These are all questions that will probably never get set in stone but I think are good to ask. I believe God set this world into rhythm. I think about it from a view like someone playing with dominos. If I were to set up dominos into a pattern and set the pattern into motion (as in pushing the first domino over) could I not know how each domino is going to fall and when the last domino will fall? Could I not intervene at points and let domino 2 know that domino 1 is about to hit it? That is kind of how I view God. He set the world into motion and that is why He can intervene and be omniscient. And then comes the question: Why do we not know everything already? This is hard because we know so much from an educational standpoint as a race that we naturally want hard proof as to the existence of a God. I have taken the approach of faith not only because that is what is taught in the Bible, but because I do not believe it is rational to be able to gain all proof. In the bible it says God created man in His image. So he did not create us just like Him. Therefore, He did not and can not create something greater than himself.  So we can not fathom or understand everything about Him.

I know that this question of God will always be in debate and conversation. I also know that I am still relatively young and inexperienced in life. With that being said these are my beliefs and the reasons for them. I have a way of thinking and processing that I have shared with you all and hope that you can find reason and respect in what I have said.


  1. I agree with everything you say in this installment. I too believe that there is a God and I like the domino example you use to explain how God sets he rhythm for the world. It is tough to explain and prove your points without hard proof but I agree with your statement, "I do not believe it is rational to be able to gain all proof."

  2. I think the questions you are asking are great questions. I've noticed that a lot of people think that Christians are afraid to ask questions because it will lead them away from God. Its quite contrary to that however as asking questions typically leads you to Him. Thinking about this on your own is a great way to strengthen your personal faith and keep you focused.

  3. This is an excellently written installment. As Peyton said, is can be difficult to prove the existence of something without tangible evidence. But it is only through asking these questions will we finally find the answers we're looking for.