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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Section 9 Installment 1 Solo Report

A Plan for Everyone

                  When reading this, This I Believe essay, the author, Kathy Holwadel, speaks about as everything was seemingly going okay, all at once everything went downhill. She then started questioning her beliefs in God and whether or not she was following her plan like she was meant to. Her mother died, she got divorced, her son went to jail and she quit her big career. When things start declining in one's life, we tend to start questioning everything around us, wondering if this is what is meant for us in life. Holwadel then says that she had the time to think about her beliefs and her eye opening and she then saw things much clearer. She speaks about how she felt as if she was going crazy and that she is following someone else's plan and no longer her own. She says, "To believe that there’s order and I have a place in it, is just too scary, that if I’m not here doing what I’m supposed to do, nothing else will be right." This statement made me question my own life. "Am I on the right path of life?" "Am I doing everything I'm supposed to in order to contribute to society?" I believe that there is always a reason for everything whether it is a positive, neutral or negative thing happening. Everything in life causes something else to occur. If that wasn't said or that did happen, who knows where life would end up today.

                   On a philosophers point of view, for example, Immanuel Kant had the view that human bodies have the autonomy to create moral values and that it would not be irrational to believe there is a God who gives that purpose. On the other hand Pascal believed that it was as simple as there is either a God or there is not a God, and if you believe in him then you will go to eternal heaven. If we do not believe a God exists, then we have forgone sinful pleasures. From this point of view, it can seem as if people only believe in a God existing so that they can have eternal bliss in heaven and not because they truly believe. Not saying that, that is the case for everyone, but there could be cases driven by fear.

                  Many philosophers have proposed ideas on the way to view God but all together, I believe that no matter how you view it, there is a purpose for everything that happens and will happen. Whether that it is because a God made it so or because it just feels like the right path to take, everything gets us to where we are today. Below is a video on a show and finding the meaning on life. This video interests me with the way he points out the philosophy in the show Rick and Morty. He makes a point of how it scares someone to think that they were not put on this earth to serve a specific purpose. But they point out that not knowing what you exist for is scary but something scarier is knowing what to do in your life and not having anyone to share it with. I like this point because although we all may have a purpose in life, we should always take care of the people around us and never take our loved ones for granted.


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  1. "I believe that there is always a reason for everything" - for sure, in the sense that everything must have an explanation. THat doesn't mean everything happens for the best, of course, though its often tempting to believe so. But where, then, will we find the will and motivation to make needed changes?

    "If we do not believe a God exists, then we have forgone sinful pleasures" - we have? What do you mean WE?

    "something scarier is knowing what to do in your life and not having anyone to share it with" - scarier still is finding that your purpose is really someone else's, foisted upon you, and that you get to share THAT. Purpose is really only meaningful when it's fully your own, then it becomes truly worth sharing.