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Monday, April 24, 2017

Jalen Mims

When I first walked into this philosophy class I had asked myself some questions that I  set out to answer by the end of the semester, after all this was a philosophy class I needed to gain something from it besides the credit for graduation. So I asked myself these following questions; what is my own personal definition of what philosophy is, who is truly is a philosopher, could I possibly be considered a philosopher this entire time and not realize it? What was my own personal life philosophy? How do I leave an impact on the world like some of the great philosophers we studied in this very class? 
When thinking about the questions that I asked myself on the very first day of class I can know answer those very questions. My own personal definition of philosophy is that it is the search for the truth and knowledge in basic human actions. When thinking about what a philosopher was I seen that it truly can be anybody. A philosopher is someone who questions something that we as human beings do. So yes, I’ve been a philosopher this entire time and I never even realized it. Well not realized just never thought of giving it that title of philosopher, I just thought I was just someone who was just born to question everything about today’s traditional society’s way of life.
The hardest question that I asked myself on that very first day was what my own life’s philosophy is. I didn’t come to realize what my life’s philosophy was until me speaking to someone about spreading love and tolerance for people and not hate destruction for their differences in life than our own. It was in that moment I realized what was my life’s true philosophy was and that was that I wanted to spread the philosophy of  Love and Tolerance not Hate and Destruction for when it comes to people having a different lifestyle that are against the cultural normal that we are taught to obtain. We tend to criminalize and demean people who are different than us simply because we don’t know them or we have been instilled something that was taught when a change was considered armed and dangerous. In particular we as American’s seem to make people who are a part of the LGBTQ community suffer so much when it comes to the simplest of things. Such as a bathroom choice or being able to get married.  Now if we were to give out the same type of treatment to heterosexual people we would see an uprising of aggression when the LGBTQ community has been nothing but passive in their efforts for equality. You might not like that person’s lifestyle but that doesn’t give you the right to treat them as a less than equal person. Why don’t we ask them about that lifestyle? It seems that the one thing that separates us from each other is the lack of knowledge of each other differences, you just might have something in common.  We tend to act as if we know all about something we in all actuality we really know nothing about that lifestyle.

Last but not least, my last question and simply the easiest question of them all that I asked myself on that very first day of class was how can my life’s philosophy leave an enormous impact like Aristotle and Socrates did in the world and for future generations. My answer to that simply continues to spread Love and Tolerance in every endeavor that I do and that my Love and Tolerance will spread to the next person and they will pass it on to the next. Because deep down in everyone we all know that the best way to leave the greatest impact on the world is through LOVE AND TOLERANCE.


  1. Section 8- Commentary

    I enjoy the energy that this post contains and the passion that you put behind your own beliefs with your words. That being said, though it may be common knowledge, I would have liked to see supplementary links or sources in your essay. If you had put a video or even a photo of, let's say, an LGBT+ event, I think that you would have really driven home the points that you were trying to make. Besides that, I believe your personal beliefs are powerful.

  2. "the philosophy of Love and Tolerance not Hate and Destruction" -that's a wonderful philosophy. Keep spreading it, we need it badly!