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Monday, April 24, 2017

Inception- 1st installment

Taylor Ray 
In my installment, I would like to discuss inception and what it is. Inception is a movie that is very deep and you have to watch twice to understand it fully. When I watched it for the first time things didn't fully click, but the second time I realized it had a more intense meaning and message than I had knew about before. It is actually a philosophical movie because it makes us asks so many questions about life and opens our eyes to something we wouldn’t have thought about prior to watching it. That is why this movie is special and thought provoking.  
This movie is about distinguishing reality from dreams. Is it all just a dream or is this real life? As explained by Libertarian News, "Inception is bringing you the unmitigated truth about reality. Time is illusory, reality isn’t made up of anything more than the energy of conscious thought and when we die, the dream we have created for ourselves will come to an end.  When we die, we wake up to what is real.  The thing is, we must not like reality all that much, otherwise we wouldn’t be here now." This explains a great deal about the truth to this movie. 
Many people have different outlooks on the movie because of the ending. In the end of the movie we are left confused about if it was all just Cobb's dream or if it reality. The writer of the movie made the it this was so the audience is left wondering, which makes it that much better. Most people like endings that are explained and to the point, but that isn't the case for this movie. I personally like being left wondering and not knowing because it makes it much more mysterious. The ending consists of the spinning top which is highly debated about.  If we believed the whole movie were a dream, the great concept behind the levels of dreams and kicks would all go waste. Knowing this, we are shown a spinning top without a clear mention of whether Cobb is still in a dream or not, so it would simply make the movie more interesting to accept that the entire movie was not a dream. 
One of my favorite parts of the movie, but also very depressing, is when Cobb's wife is so confused about reality to the point she jumps to her death thinking that would wake her up from the dream. She was convinced that Cobb would join her in death because she framed him for domestic abuse and claimed that the government were going to take his children away from him for that. Cobb was in the right state of mind and knew that it wasn't a dream , so he didn't jump with her. This part in the movie is one of the most important because it explains to us why he is the way he is and how the traumatic experience altered his life. The acting done by Cobb was very realistic and you could feel his pain. This is a brilliant movie and I recommend it to everyone who likes deep philosophical thinking. 


  1. Inception is a very complicated movie in my opinion. I watched it only two times and still don't know what's happening half the time. Personally, I got lost between what is or isn't a dream or a reality. No doubt Leonardo DiCaprio (Cobb) played an amazing role. But I just wish I understood what was happening. It sort of reminds me of "The Matrix," but I don't know if this is a similar thing or not. And even in the matrix I was confused on what was real and what wasn't. But as far as inception goes, regarding the ending, like you said, maybe it meant to be that way. That the viewer is left thinking and not really knowing 100% for sure, and that's the beauty and purpose of it!

  2. "Inception is a movie that is very deep" - well, maybe. It may just be an incoherent (though entertaining) dream.

    "Cobb was in the right state of mind and knew that it wasn't a dream" - which is why it's important to know we're not dreaming!