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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Philosophy of Technology and Oneself

This past week I've had a lot on my mind as summer quickly approaches and the school year felt like it went by quickly. I've been thinking about what summer job I'll get, internship opportunities, and my future in general in relation to what goals I can accomplish this summer. As I've contemplated these various ideas, I've noticed that at some point I use social media on my phone or some other type of technology as a source of escape from having to put real thought into such things as my summer plans. Then I came to a realization that, I use technology as a source of escape period to just get away from having to do things like make tough decisions. Through this realization, I feel that technology has presented itself as having a major con that I hadn't noticed before. A major negative of technology in my opinion is that it hinders the human experience not only with others, which has been made apparent time and time again, but also with our own self. Before phones, laptops, or televisions, one would sit with them self a lot of time and wrestle with thoughts they had or would just simply get to know themselves better through intuitive thought. But today, this is disrupted constantly by technology and I have found this to be a major issue. As a result of this, I've tried to find times through out the day where I turn my phone off or just leave my phone in my room so I can be detached from my device in order for me to connect with myself or just be present with anything else going on in my day that does not have to do with my phone.

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