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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hip-Hop and Philosphy Installment #1

In the book Hip-Hop and philosophy the author wanted to address the fact that rap and hip hop music was not just music it was music about the struggle that blacks and lower income families faced in the local community. The rappers and hip hop artist used this as a form of black news. A lot of the rappers, hip hop artist and people in that community viewed it as black CNN, because it was a way for people to see how the blacks and lower class Americans where treated. Another one of the struggles that the book says blacks and lower class Americans faced was police violence. The police violence lead to rap groups like NWA, or Niggas with Attitude, to rap about the way the police would harass them for the reason that they were black men in the "hood". This lead them to write song like "F*ck tha Police" and "Straight Outta Compton". Also in the book the author went on to explain that lots of people did not care about the rap music that viewed it as nonsense and it was loud and show cased violence against police and the common police. Also a lot people viewed rap and hip hop music a degrading to women and materialistic. Of course some of the rap and hip hop music you hear will be saying some degrading things to women and showing a bunch of materialistic things but most of the other rappers and hip hop music makers write music about the things they see happening in the real world, about the people in local neighborhoods having to fight through so much everyday just to survive the day. a lot of those people who judging these rappers and hip hop artist do not even know what they are really going through, so there view point on it is very different on the music. the author goes on to tell us that the rappers and hip hop artist are writing these songs because the feel oppressed, and he goes on to let us know that people in other countries like Africa, England, France, and some other countries are now taking up rapping and hip hop music to show there views and oppressing against the government, the police violence, and a lot of other things that affect their everyday life. Since a lot of people are viewing rap and hip hop music as a way to show the views on life it has grown extremely popular with today's generation of children, teens, and young adults. It has allowed them to openly express themselves and the government, police violence, racism, and lots of other topics that may be trending at the time. It allows them to give a voice to the children, teens and, young adults that might not be able to speak up about the topic. The book hip hop and philosophy has giving lots on insight on how rappers and hip hop artist  get the point across and can change some things in America if they write in down and make into a song. the lasting affect on hip hop and rap music will be felt forever on American history.

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  1. It's unfortunate that the misogyny and crass materialism of some hip hop artists has overshadowed the more important and probing work of others. Maybe you can spotlight more of that in your next installment, with an embedded clip or two along with your own interpretation/explication of its meaning.