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Monday, May 4, 2015

Section 8, group 2- Trust


                In my final piece discussing eudaimonia, I will discuss the topic trust and how I incorporate this term into true happiness and growth. When one finally sees something that they would like to accomplish, whether that’s a painting, a relationship, or a race, that have to put trust themselves that it will work. This version of trust also coincides with confidence. You have to trust yourself that you will do great in whatever you aim to do-that’s step one anyway. Without trusting yourself and having lack of confidence will show and will discourage others from seeing the true potential that you have in yourself.
                For example, when you’re in a relationship with someone one of the first things that each party has to establish trust. When you establish this trust, you’re setting boundaries and “missions” that you hope the other person will be able to succeed. Once you have built that trust, then you realize you have grown as a person because you have let someone in and they either accomplished the mission or let you down-either way it goes, you’ve grown from the experience.

                Another example would be doing academic school work. When you have trust in yourself and you know that you know the knowledge of what your teacher has been teaching, then it will reflect on our grade. I personally have seen a person rarely or never study but because they have trust and confidence within themselves, they passed the test, or the class. It doesn’t make sense to take in knowledge period whether or just life lessons and not have trust that you won’t either fall into the same steps or do better. Trust is the key ingredient in what makes a person love themselves and are happy themselves. If you can’t trust yourself then who can you trust? In eudaimonia,  you have to grow, trust yourself to grow and it’ll happen.

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  1. One of my favorite movie lines, from the fictional aging minor leaguer "Crash" Davis in the film "Bull Durham":

    "It's a long season, you gotta trust it."

    Or as Henry Thoreau said, "Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams..."