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Monday, May 4, 2015

Final Installment Sec. 8 Healthy Spirit

I believe whole-heartedly in nurturing your mind body and spirit. These are the three main components in making ourselves whole. When all three of these areas are balanced, we can achieve optimum health. Many people may neglect one of these areas and I feel the spirit is the area most forgotten.

Nurturing your spirit does not necessarily mean going to church every Sunday or reading the Bible. Though I believe it is important to have a faith, no matter what it is, I feel nurturing your spirit is being at peace with yourself and your life. It is living in the moment and feeding your passions.

I have always loved the idea of "paying it forward." It is the idea that instead of waiting to pay someone back for a good deed, you put good karma into the world and do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return. Making someone else happy is an incredible feeling. You never know what anyone else is going through in their life so stop and smile at the grumpy cashier, ask someone how their day is. You have no idea how a simple act of kindness can impact somebody's life and therefore fuel your soul.

Make someone else happy, go on a vacation and relax, be still, and be at peace with yourself. Find time to do what you love and learn to be happy. These might sound like simple suggestions, but being at peace is one of the most difficult things to do. If you can balance having a healthy mind, body and spirit, I believe that is what makes someone whole.

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  1. There are so many ways for a human to nurture his or her spirit. I'm about to indulge one of mine, by heading out to the softball field to cheer on my daughter in her next tournament game. She threw a complete game shutout yesterday, 11-0. My spirit soared!