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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sec. 8 Group 1 Pyrrho's Happiness Speculation

The final question I have for Pyrrho is based on his quality of life, and how he would attain happiness. What is the reason for living? I feel that his answer would be ambiguous in many ways. It depends on his idea of happiness as well. It is possible that one would never be happy because you never know anything. It is human nature to be curious about how things work. History always shows that people have competed to figure something out first, or be the first to discover something new entirely. This leads us to believe that Pyrrho’s philosophy goes against the entire human nature. But this theory is assuming that Pyrrho’s idea of happiness is based on knowledge. This is most likely the wrong idea to use since his theory was based on doubting all things. It is possible Pyrrho found happiness in NOT knowing anything. If this were the case, then Pyrrho developed the perfect philosophy for himself. He crafted a way of thinking to where it would be impossible for him to ever know anything, thus creating a sense of constant happiness. This is also merely guesswork about his idea of happiness. Perhaps he found happiness by merely existing? However, this seems a highly unlikely answer since he would most likely doubt his own existence. If he doubts his existence, then he technically doubts his happiness. If you doubt your happiness, then how can you be happy? Maybe Pyrrho found a new level of happiness where one person simply finds happiness in a way that can’t be explained for any other human. If it worked for Pyrrho then why should he have to explain his methods? The philosophy is deemed successful if the person using it likes the way their life is going. Pyrrho was probably happy the way he lived, and we can’t complain too much about him since he did introduce the idea of skepticism. Even if it was one of the most extreme cases there could have possibly been. Pyrrho made his own style of living. The only reason I can think of as to why somebody would do this is to be happy. So, WHATEVER Pyrrho’s reason for creating this philosophy doesn’t matter, it gave him happiness and he shared the viewpoint in an attempt to make other people happy. There are still skeptics today although not as extreme. But maybe that IS the point of living, to find the perfect way of thinking to bring yourself happiness. No two people are the same, so no two viewpoints are the same.

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  1. "maybe that IS the point of living, to find the perfect way of thinking to bring yourself happiness." - better yet, to bring yourself and others the possibility of happiness.