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Monday, May 4, 2015

Utilitarianism: What Science Says Makes You Happy(Wes Cloud 8-1 Post 3/3)

           A utilitarian is always acting in a way to provide the greatest utility as a result of their actions.  Utility can be defined as well being or happiness for all those involved.  But what really brings us happiness? Is it possible to define any concrete causes for happiness? Lots of us may think there is an easy answer to that question.  Surely money, fame, and glory is a certain recipe for happiness.  According to researchers, you may be very wrong.

Avoid Comparisons
         While fame and fortune may seem great, research says that focusing on your own achievements and goals leads to a much happier life than those that worry about “Keeping up with the Joneses”.  So instead of worrying about the family in your neighborhood with the most money, focus on bettering your own financial situation by setting meaningful goals.

Put Money Lower on the List
         People who spend their time worrying about wanting more money or more material possessions are more likely to be depressed, have anxiety, and develop a low self esteem.  Hardcore money seekers, according to a study by Drs. Tim Kasser and Richard Ryan, are also less likely to develop meaningful relationships and successful
Give More

         Instead of worrying so much about personal gain, try helping out a friend in need.  Helping a neighbor, donating extra money or time to good causes, and volunteering your services can result in the “helper’s high”.  The chemicals released in the body by this feeling can also provide some of the same health benefits as regular exercise.

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  1. Sound advice, all!

    This is the sort of stuff we explore in Philosophy of Happiness, I invite you to come exploring with me.