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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Breanna Martin. Post #3 Sec 008

This I Believe: TrustCourage the cowardly dog edition.

Trust is the basis of all healthy relationships, without it, there is no bonding between people. When you trust someone, you basically give them all that you have to offer. Coincidentally this brings me to yet another episode of courage the cowardly dog.  
This episode begins with Muriel’s cousin, Fred, riding in a van on the way to Muriel’s house. When he gets there with his creepy smile, he greets Muriel, Eustace, and courage. Courage already isn’t too fond of this new found family member, but Muriel ensures courage that everything will be ok. Fred himself is a barber, he loves hair. To cut it, that is. He has Trichotemnomania , he feels like if he needs to shave all hair until its no more. The day goes on and courage feels more and more uneasy. Eustace is upstairs working on the bathroom, when Fred needs to use it. And then of course courage ends up in there with him, and of course, the door won’t open.

Fred and courage sit there, just staring. Fred is having thoughts about shaving courage. Fred picks courage up , where courage then sees a bracelet on Fred with a number on it, so naturally courage attempts to call it. Fred makes this difficult by holding courage and shaving him. After a long, freaky while, courage finally calls. In which the police show up and get freaky Fred. Muriel was oblivious to all of this, despite having courage been shaved. This teaches a lesson, showing that you can’t trust everyone you’re close to. People will deceive you when they get a chance.


  1. I loved how you brought back the childhood memories with Courage! You tied in really awesome thoughts and mixed in the haunting humor of the show. Loved it!

  2. No, you can't trust everyone. But I hope you've found, as I have, that more people than not can be counted on. We don't live in a Hobbesian state of nature, and probably never have. (Though of course some times and places are more nasty and brutish than others. Don't go there, if you can help it.)