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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What is Philosophy for?

Posted for Abbey Tolbert (#8)

Image result for keep calm and love philosophyFor my third installment I watched the video “What is Philosophy for?” In my life if I had ever heard someone mention philosophy my brain would instantly explode. I could not imagine anyone who would ever want to learn about philosophy, and then I enrolled in the course. After taking this class and watching this video I am now aware that philosophers are not all crazy information obsessed people, but instead they are people who literally love wisdom. I assumed that to be a philosopher you had to know just about everything, or at least have an answer to every question. I now know that philosophers are just about the only people who are actually okay with not knowing and look forward to figuring the questions of life out. In the video it said that philosophers are concerned with “living and dying well.” I see this statement to be very true. The video also mentioned how walking is something that can also help clear the mind and allow better understanding on the questions philosophers tend to ask themselves. 

Image result for entertain a thought without accepting itDr. Oliver stated how he always walked and enjoyed being outside to think and after this semester in his class I can see why. I chose to end my final post with this video because I want to reiterate how much this class has changed my views on philosophy. I realized a lot about myself and quite a bit about other people. Philosophy is not just for its majors, but for everyone who feels like stepping outside the box and questioning why things are the way they are. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and will
recommend it to anyone I can.


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  1. We began with this, back on Opening Day in January. Good stuff!

    "Being wise means attempting to live and die well... Philosophers are people unafraid of asking questions... Philosophy gets us to submit all aspects of common sense to reason. It wants us to think for ourselves... going for a walk can contribute deeply to the character of existence... Philosophers seek to be wise by getting more precise about the activities and attitudes that really can help our lives to go better..."