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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Team Ball Lyfe group 2 section 12

Today our group discussed why we thought it was important to have the site like "This I Believe". We all agreed that this was a great tool that anyone and everyone could use to help express themselves more freely. Our group also discussed that "This I Believe" counter acts all the negative things out there on the internet and allows us to see a different side of the world through the essays that people send in. It allows us to connect with people and benefits all of us by showing that we are not alone.


  1. Section 12

    I personally think that "This I Believe" is a great site that allows people from all different walks of life to be able to express their opinions and feelings. Whether anyone disagrees or agrees it gives people a positive outlet and can reach all over the globe.

    As for the readings of Socrates and Plato, it is always interesting to me to read about men who lived so long ago and had such deep thoughts. When I think of ancient times I picture barbarians and such, however these were men who contemplated what makes life worth living, right vs. wrong, and so much more. It is shocking to me that Socrates believed in conversation and seeking wisdom so much that he would die for it! In all, it makes me want to search myself more deeply and determine what bigger causes do I feel that strongly about.

    My FQ: Who was put to death for asking too many questions?

    My DQ: Why do you think Socrates was willing to die for his beliefs in the importance of conversation and seeking wisdom?

  2. I really enjoyed reading PB chapter on Socrates. I loved the Socratic method explaining the reason for asking so many questions was to see how everything a person believes fits together. I agree with Socrates when it comes to having a conversation with someone instead of having one on paper. Talking face to face with someone can give you so much more than just reading words. From reading LH I have grown to not dislike but just not agree with Plato. I thought really high of him until I read about his book "The Republic". He would have banned art because it would have messed up his logic on form. For me, art is expression and we should all have the freedom to express ourselves.

    FQ: what is the name of the book Plato wrote showing a series of conversations Socrates held with the people he questioned?

    DQ: Do you believe that the words Plato passed down as Socrates was truly his or polluted by Platos own words due to the fact Socrates never writing anything down.

  3. Scorecard
    Tyler - 2
    Robert - 1
    Spring - 3
    Jalen - 1
    Fariz - 3
    Jackson - 2
    Sarah - 2
    Nick - NA
    Jana - 3
    Julian - 1

  4. 12

    The idea of discovering everyone's reason for what they believe is everything I'm all about. It's like peeling layer after layer of a person to see what makes them do what they do and believe what they believe. I split my interest in this between the content of what the person is saying and the reason behind their choice of words. I'm a fan of Socrates in that perspective. As far as the Socratic method goes, I would certainly be all for it but only if I had someone like Plato to record everything. Otherwise, I don't prefer the Socratic method. The PB interviews are very intriguing. They're sharing such informational facts but in a lax setting. It's easy listening when listening to the podcasts.

    FQ: What did the Sophists teach their students?

    DQ: What is it to love? How can we be certain? Are we certain?

  5. Fariz Ali12:20 PM CST

    I think "This I Believe" allows to counter attack the ignorance spread throughout the world for all issues, whether political, religious or scientific. It allows to see view all the beliefs and lets us choose whether we agree or not. "This I Believe" shows the core of Western Philosophy- individualism.
    My FQ: How did Socrates die and for what reason?
    My DQ: Is it more important examine ourselves or to examine others and learn from their experiences?