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Friday, January 30, 2015

Group 3-1 Janie, Jeffrey, Holly, Ben

Our group expanded on the ideas of love and marriage. As a group we were all surprisingly of the same mind. We think the idea of perfection in finding a partner is unrealistic.

We compared what we knew about the ideas about arranged marriage to modern ideas of love. In those situations it is not love that drove the decision but practical ideas about likes, dislikes or a list of resume like qualities. This idea opposes our modern western ideals about love. But interestingly the advent of internet dating sort of goes back to looking people for the logical reasons before an emotional understanding. However it could be argued that a profile is just a list of pre recs required for such a connection.

We thought that love is a complicated emotion. And many times a result of familiarity and we noted the connection it required with both the a very complicated emotional part of our brain and at the same time a more physical instinctual desire or something. We also mentioned the French president has a wife and children but several public mistresses which seriously conflicts with the way we view marriage in America.


  1. Just calling dibs on my FQ:
    Who was a tutor to Alexander the Great? (LH 10)

  2. I agree that finding perfection in a partner is highly unrealistic--as human beings we are all flawed in our own way. Looking at relationships that work, you find that what really cultivates love is understanding someones flaws and loving them anyway, or striving to find the best in someone. Finding logical similarities seems to be a more or less tried and true method in a sense (as opposed to trying to go purely off feelings. The problem with feelings is that the idea of "love" can be misconstrued very easily--do you love them or are you lonely/do you love the idea of them). All in all, I agree that love is super complicated and that the idea of love has undergone several massive facelifts during the short timeline of our culture.
    FQ: What did Aristotle believe would happen if you dropped a metal ball and a paper ball from the same height?