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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Section 12 Author posts, groups 1 & 3

Post your DQs, FQs, comments & links here, Section 12/groups 1 & 3.

Group 3- Group 3 discussed question six concerning freedom. We looked at the cultural, political, and moral aspects of freedom. Overall, we decided freedom is good to an extent.-Annie
Group 1 - Group 1 discussed how we think having a personal philosophy contributes to living a good life. We thought that having a personal philosophy allows one to establish their own moral values. It also allows them to live by their own accord, and to be happy with who they are.


  1. Post your DQs, FQs, comments & links HERE, Section 12/groups 1 & 3.

    1. What is FQ? im guessing DQ is discussion question?

    2. Spring Garner1:56 PM CST

      DQ is Discussion Question and I think FQ is Factual Question!

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM CST

    Taylor Lynch #12

    DQ: Do you think freedom is a privilege? Why or why not?
    FQ: How is freedom good to an extent?

  3. Anonymous7:01 PM CST

    Here is an essay from "This I Believe." I am not sure if this is where I am supposed to be posting the link, but here it is. I chose the first essay called "Demons and Dust."

    -Taylor Lynch #12

  4. #12
    "This I Believe"- http://thisibelieve.org/essay/144206/

    DQ: What makes a website like "This I Believe" good for people to have? Thinking in the context of why is it good for people to voice their own opinions on life.
    FQ: What is a group of peripatetics called?

  5. #12
    FQ: How many miles did Henry David Thoreau walk in his life?

    DQ: What would make walking around and being active help with in thinking and philosophizing?


  6. Ty Welch # 12 Group # 12


    FQ: What is the circumference of the Earth?

    DQ: (Assuming that our DQ can be about our favorite essay) Why would Patel and friends not stand up for their friend in school being bullied?

  7. #12
    FQ: What does Solvitur Ambulando mean?
    DQ: What other things to people do other than walking to get thoughts flowing?


  8. Nathan Osborne10:23 PM CST

    FQ: What is the act of ambulation?
    DQ: Is true altruism actually able to be accomplished?


  9. Marisa Fraley11:32 PM CST


    FQ: Who wrote "Philosophy Walks"?
    DQ: Why do you think a peripatetic philosophy is a good philosophy? Is it relevant to current/modern times?

    1. Marisa Fraley11:35 PM CST

      Oops! I meant to say, "Who wrote "Walk! It Could Change Your Life..."?"
      My brain must not be functioning correctly! Sorry!

    2. Marisa Fraley11:42 PM CST

      P.S. Group 3

      Also, my This I Believe essay that I really connected with:

      Are we supposed to say why?
      I really feel like this essay can connect with most people. Most people get told what they are, rather than believing their own thoughts of what they are. It could take years, like it did for Cherie, but hopefully some people can see their worth before the person who has put them down has passed.

  10. Section group 3

    DQ: Are ancient peripatetics any different from today's peripatetics?
    FQ: Why has the word "peripatetic" changed in today's modern society?