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Monday, January 12, 2015


Let's introduce ourselves, Spring 2015 CoPhilosophy collaborators (I'll tell you in class Tuesday why I call the Intro class "CoPhilosophy").

I invite you all to click on "comment" below, and reply with your own introductions. Tell us who you are, why you're here, and anything else you'd care to share (bearing in mind that this is an open site). Also please include your section number (#8 for the 9:40 class, #12 for 1 pm, or #H1 for 2:40).

I'm Dr. James Philip (Phil) Oliver ("jpo"), inevitably aka (despite my best efforts to discourage it) "Dr. Phil." I live in Nashville with my wife, younger daughter (a High School student), two dogs (Angel and Lilli), and a cat named Zeus. Older Daughter is in college a couple hundred miles away.

My office is 300 James Union Building.. Office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:15-12:45 & by appointment. On nice days, office hours may be outside. (If so, there will be a note on the door.) I answer emails during office hours, but not on weekends. Surest way to get a quick response: call or come in during office hours.

I've been at MTSU for over a decade, teaching philosophy courses on diverse subjects including atheism, childhood, happiness, the environment, the future, and bioethics.

My Ph.D. is from Vanderbilt. I'm originally from Missouri, near St. Louis. I was indoctrinated as a Cardinals fan in early childhood, so I understand something about religious zeal. My undergrad degree is from Mizzou, in Columbia MO. (I wish my schools weren't in the SEC-I don't approve of major collegiate sports culture or of 
violence in football, as I'm sure to tell you again.)

My philosophical expertise, such as it is, centers on the American philosophical tradition of William James. A former student asked me to respond to a questionnaire. I did, and have continued to reflect on its excellent questions. "It was an honor..."

I'm a peripatetic, and will encourage you all to join me in that philosophical lifestyle as often as possible during discussion time. (If you're not sure what peripatetic means, scan the right sidebar. Or ask me. Or look it up.)

I post my thoughts regularly to my blogs 
Up@dawn and Delight Springs, among others, and toTwitter. Follow me if you want to. But of course, as Brian Cohen said, you don't have to follow anyone. (Extra credit if you get that reference... and real extra credit if you realize that my "extra credit" is usually rhetorical.)

Enough about me. Who are you? (Where are you from, where have you been, what do you like, who do you want to become,...?) Why are you here? (On Earth, in Tennessee, at MTSU, in philosophy class)? Hit "comments" below and post your introduction, then read your classmates'... and bear in mind that this is an open site. The world can read it. (The world's probably busy with other stuff, of course.) 
Please include your section number (#8 for the 9:40 class, #12 for 1 pm, or #H1 for 2:40).


  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Abbey Tolbert I am 19 years old, and I am a Communications Disorders major. I have been to 18 different states as well as Mexico, but I hardly remember any of them due to the fact that I was very young when my parents took me. I chose to take this class because I really enjoy other people's perspectives on life. Although, I do have my own beliefs I am always open to hearing why others think and view life they way they do. Lastly, I chose to take this class due to the reviews left for it. I understand that Dr. Oliver has some different views from mine, and I think that being in a class that will challenge me not just in class, but in life is something that is extremely beneficial. I look forward to experiencing this class.

    Here's to a great semester!

  2. Thanks for being 1st responder, Abbey!

    "Communications Disorders" is an intriguing major (not to mention an occupational hazard for me), I look forward to learning more about it.

    I know what you mean about far-flung travels being wasted on inattentive youth: I think I probably visited most of the states, alongside my sister in the cab-overhang of my dad's pickup camper, without knowing or caring where we were. Or why.

    I don't know what the reviews say, but I can reassure you that divergent points of view are not only NOT an obstacle to constructive co-philosophizing but are actually a prerequisite for it. The goal in my classes is not unanimity of opinion, but clarity of mutual understanding. As always, at about this time in January, I can't wait to begin!

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  4. Hi everyone.

    To start off, my name is Tyler Wren. I am a 19 year old Pre-Pharm Biochemistry major.I have been to 4 European countries, and plan to continue visiting countries on the other side of the ocean to finish the bucket list my older brother and I had started before he passed away.While the list of things that I enjoy myself is rather long, for the purpose of not making a post that is obnoxiously long, I am going to cut it down to exploring the world and enjoying the small things in life. To me, those are the things that matter the most in life anyway. With this mindset and my education combined, I want to someday become a person who I able to help the people whose time is being cut short due to a disease that could be treated if the right cures were available so they too are able to take the most out of life.

    To answer Dr. Oliver's second question of "Why are you here?", I like to think that my time on Earth is supposed to spent realizing that my time is limited, and with my time I want to live a life where I can one day look back on everything and say confidently "I lived."

    Finally, I took this class because a class that forces me to think outside the box more than I already do about life is going to be helpful for completing my goal of living my life to the fullest extend.

    Thank you for reading everyone. Looking forward to learning a bit about you all as well

  5. Hello,

    My name is James Dickerson, I'm 25 years old, and I'm majoring in Accounting. I'm married with a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. I"m finally going to school after separating from the military.Throughout my life I have visited several states, almost every European country, and a few in the Middle East as well. I was in the Army for 5 years before being medically discharged due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan. It's because of those injuries that I have decided to go to college and further my career. I consider myself to be extremely lucky that I made it out in one piece, and I intend to live life to the fullest because of it.

    I'm in this class to not only push the boundaries of my philosophies, but to hear from others as well and extend my understandings of those around me. I do feel that I may behind the learning curve somewhat, since it has been awhile since I've been in a classroom setting like this. I don't know much about philosophy either, so hopefully I won't slow the class down. I am, however, ready to learn and eager to hear from everyone.

    See you all in class!

  6. #8

    Helloooo to everyone.
    My name is Breanna Martin, and i am 19 years young. I am majoring in food and nutrition science, with minors of psychology and management!This is my 3rd semester of college , but only my first at MTSU. I previously attended The Art Institutes, in Nashville, where i studied culinary arts. I have lived in middle Tennessee my entire life, and unfortunately, have not traveled as much as i would like to. I am currently an assistant manager for Arby's restaurants, and work all the time. But i enjoy it , so its not too bad. I am a very curious person , and love to learn. I love to talk (as long as i know what about), and i'm very hospitable. I am also a spaz, and very excitable. I'm still not positive who i want to be or what i want to do; I'm just waiting to see where the future takes me.

    Everyone always tells me , I ask too many questions. Well i don't believe that is possible. There are an infinite amount of questions, that i dont have the answers to, and i want them. I want to have the beauty of knowledge, and to spread that beauty onto others. I want to attempt to understand the universe's biggest uncertainties. That is why, i am taking this course.

    I am looking forward to a great semester!!

  7. #8
    Hello. My name is Antulio Castillo, but my friends call me Leo and relatives call me Tulio. I'm 18. I am an Film and Video Production major, although I've thought of changing to advertising. I have lived all over East Tennessee. I hope to eventually become the person that my late grandmother always saw me as. I'm here at MTSU because of the Mass Communications program. I believe I'm here on Earth to listen and to be a helping hand. I'm ready to start this semester so that I can do better than the last.

  8. Coltin Griffith7:37 AM CST


    Hi everyone! My name is Coltin Griffith. I don't really have any nicknames, but am up for any you al my come up with. I am 19 years old. I have two brothers (Christian and Corbin), one is 20 years old and the other is my twin. However, we look nothing alike. I live in Antioch Tennessee, but attended school in Kentucky until this semester, in which I transferred to MTSU.

    I am studying in the field of Communications, Broadcasting to be more specific. My dream is to be a radio or tv talk show host. I've been creating relationships with Nashville's radio station 107.5 The River since I was 13. Hopefully I will have an internship there soon (fingers crossed). My inspirations are Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. I envy Ryan Seacrest. I mean he does and has ital. He works as a producer on E! News, hosts a radio show, hosts American Idol, and also works with TMZ on occasion. I'm humble, but determined to succeed; whether it's with my career or personal goals.

    I am on this earth as an individual. A person, one of billions, trying to accomplish large and small goals, until I reach my own definition of happiness.

  9. Hello. My name is Shonda Clanton. I am a 40 year old mother of two sons, 19 and 17. I live in Manchester, TN. I moved here from Canada almost two years ago.

    I'm a Forensic Science Major in the Pre-Med program, planning to minor in audio production. I have a 3.8 GPA and work full time, I'm pretty proud of that.

    I'm in section 008.

    I love people, I plan to be a surgeon. It is my hope to save many lives but to do that, I need an open mind and the ability to understand and accept people for who they are. New ideas and thoughts, philosophies are something I want to expose myself to. I love psychology and believe that philosophy will only open my mind that much more.

    I am a sponge and I want to learn as much as I can.

  10. Section #H1

    My name is Sarah Anderson. I’m 18 years old, double-majoring in computer science and French, double-minoring in German and math. My favorite pastimes are reading and writing fiction, singing and listening to music, running, and drinking coffee. I’ve always lived in Murfreesboro, and though for most of my life I’ve sworn I would leave as soon as possible, I’ve decided I like Murfreesboro’s combination of urban and suburban for the present. I haven’t traveled much outside the U.S., but I would love to split my future between many countries and a permanent home in a place like San Francisco, with lots of fresh fruit, cool summers, and open minds.

    I’m here in philosophy mostly to listen. I wasn’t excited when I first learned I’d be taking this class because I assumed it would involve twenty or so passionate people discussing the topics they’re most passionate about. In my experience, that sort of “discussion” usually results in a hopeless stalemate, where everybody tries and tries to persuade while staunchly refusing to be persuaded. I’ve certainly seen calm philosophical discussions, where participants acknowledge opposing opinions with a thoughtful “that’s interesting,” but I don’t believe that’s enough. So I’m here to listen, and to try to break that trend. My goal is to let your ideas affect me personally, to reevaluate what I think based on what others have to say—ultimately, to stop working backward from beliefs I refuse to let go and instead let reason bring me to conclusions.

  11. Anonymous2:26 PM CST

    Section 8

    Hi all, my name is Mei Zhi and am a junior here at MTSU. I am a biology major with secondary education minor, hopefully becoming a teacher in the near future. My family is from China, but I was born in D.C. I have lived here in Murfreesboro for about 12 years now and I enjoy it here. Some of my hobbies consist is playing basketball, watching good movies, sleep, and definitely eating good food. I usually don't think about philosophy much, but I believe everyone philosophize about something on a daily basis. With this being a philosophy class, having an open mind is important in my opinion. Having different thoughts and ideas is what philosophy's all about. If we all had the same ideas and agreed on everything, there wouldn't be any discussion or philosophizing to be done. Hope everyone had a great break and is ready to run through this semester.

  12. Section #12

    My name is Julian Viall and I am 18 years old. I was born in Sarasota, FL but have lived in Union City, TN for 17 years. I am a brother in the Sigma Chi fraternity here on campus. I love music, having a good time, and basketball. I would like to become a recording engineer and have a family of my own sometime in the future.

    I feel like I am on Earth to make people happy. I enjoy making people laugh and evoking emotions through music. So I came to Murfreesboro because of instate tuition and to major in the Recording Industry program inorder to learn more about a field that I could entertain people in. I hope to learn more about philosophy while in this course, because I honestly have little background knowledge about the subject.

  13. Section #8

    My name is Shelby Swick and I am a 21 year old Senior. I was born and raised in Murfreesboro, TN and am an Aerospace Administration/ATC-CTI major with a Music Minor. My career goal is to become an Air Traffic Controller.

    I am in this class due to General Requirements as well as having heard good things about it. I attend MTSU because of the relatively "low" cost of attendance and the excellent Aerospace program that we have. I have never taken a Philosophy class before but am very interested in learning how others think as well as sharing my own thoughts and beliefs.

  14. Anonymous4:07 PM CST

    Section H01
    My name is Maggie McPheeters and I am a 19 year old freshman and Alpha Chi Omega sorority sister. The majority of my life has been spent living in Alabama and I am an animation major. I believe in preserving childish imagination, wonder, and happiness and thus spend too much time jumping in puddles, petting dogs that don't belong to me, and laughing at the little things. My career goal is to become an animator for children's media (DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney films or cartoons such as Avatar: The Last Airbender) or illustrating children's books. I would also like to open an orphanage or children's home later in my life.
    I am here at MTSU because this was the closest school that offered my major as well as a well-rounded college experience. I believe I am on this Earth to make some sort of a difference, even if I don't know what it is yet. I believe I can make people happy and serve as a mediator and influence to children who are taught that art is useless. This I believe.

  15. H01

    My name is Andrew Heim and I am a 19 year old freshman. I have lived in Murfreesboro my entire life and am very happy to be attending MTSU where I am currently studying Psychology, Neuroscience, and French. I am also an all around nerd and proud of it.

    I am in this class because it is required as part of my scholarship, but I probably would've taken it anyways because several subjects in philosophy overlap with psychology. I am hoping to complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology and then pursue a Ph.D or Psy.D in clinical psychology so that I can use what I've learned to help others.

  16. Anonymous4:40 PM CST

    Section H01

    My name is Victoria Lay and I am a sophomore (this is my fourth semester) who is majoring in organismal biology and minoring in astronomy. I am 20 years old and I am from here in Murfreesboro, TN. Some of my hobbies include hiking, drawing, and pc gaming. In the spring I hope to get scuba certified, and I recently went on a study abroad trip to England to study the history of astronomy.

    I am here at MTSU in order to learn as much as I can in order to get my degree and achieve my goal of becoming a zoologist. This class is required for Buchanan's, but I also hope to learn new and interesting view points.

  17. Rebecca Clippard4:50 PM CST


    My name is Rebecca Clippard and I am a nineteen year old college student. I am obsessed with books and Japan. My majors are Spanish and Japanese with an English minor. I'm a vegetarian and I've lived in Murfreesboro since I was five.

    I am here at MTSU because it is inexpensive and convenient but also because I want to get an education and teach in another country. I am in philosophy class for scholarship reasons and mild curiosity.

  18. Jeanette Stevens6:55 PM CST

    Hey everyone! My name's Jeanette Stevens, and this is my second semester at MTSU. I've yet to declare a major, but I'm looking into International Relations with minors in French and Global Studies. I love learning about other cultures and the values and religions of those people. I come from rural East Tennessee, so Murfreesboro is the big city for me! I aspire to get my master's degree and work for the Peace Corps.

    I'm taking this class as a requirement for my Buchanan scholarship, but I love deep thinking and seeing other viewpoints. I'm afraid it may get a little crazy, with people talking over each other, but I'm hoping the course layout with mediators will help keep things calm.

  19. Meghan Miller7:11 PM CST

    My name is Meghan Miller and I'm a freshman here at MTSU. I grew up mostly in Michigan, but moved to Tennessee about five years ago. I am a follower of Christ, an entrepreneurship major, and an equestrian. I love all animals and because of this, I'm a vegetarian. I have 4 horses I'm responsible for currently, so that keeps me pretty busy! I plan on one day becoming a professional dressage rider, and eventually a trainer and riding teacher... However... I am also quite into politics, law, and government, so I am keeping an open mind. :)

    I believe I was created to make a difference, primarily by glorifying God in my life. More specifically, I am in this philosophy class because of the Buchanan scholarship requirement... However, I was actually signed up to take it before it became a requirement for me. I am excited for the discussion and the many intriguing questions we will consider.

  20. Meghan Miller7:12 PM CST

    Oops... I'm in #H01

  21. Anonymous7:15 PM CST

    My name is John McCaffrie, I am eighteen years old, and this is my second semester at MTSU. I was born in Los Angeles California, but have spent most of my life here in Tennessee.

    I am Undeclared, and am taking this course to both satisfy a general requirement as well as a desire to learn as much about philosophy as I can (this being my first opportunity to truly learn about the subject).

  22. #H01
    My name is Hannah Kanyuh, I am nineteen years old, and a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. I'm a nursing major and plan to attend anesthesia school to become a nurse anesthetist. I've lived in Murfreesboro my whole life and the majority of those years were spent in dance class.

    I am at MTSU because it is in my hometown and because of all the opportunities that came along with the Buchanan scholarship, which is the reason I am in this class.

  23. H01
    Hi philosophy dudes,

    I'm Bryce Marion and I lived in Wisconsin until I migrated south to Tennessee to go to MTSU and live by my siblings. I have a very eclectic range of interests and convictions. I began playing classical violin in kindergarten and I have been seriously playing the drums since my early high school days. I also played 2nd base for varsity baseball in high school which surprises people for obvious reasons. Music and sports provide me entertainment and happiness. My latest passion has been to discover physics and the math it’s written in, which are both of my majors. I grew up religious (Christian), yet I began to question the absolute correctness of the products of human introspection. My logical way of analyzing questions of 'value' has caused me to become a cautious atheist. I aim to learn as many verifiable facts (emphasis on "verifiable") while I'm at school which is why I am studying physics!

    During philosophical discussions, I tend to stick to what I know. Topics which don’t have physical evidence (in my mind) must be labeled as questions which are truly unanswerable. However, I almost always have opinions on the validity of certain theories so I do enjoy debating any provocative topic; truthfully I find it hard to really ‘know’ anything because I suspect ‘I’ am just the cells and electricity inside my cranium! This being said, I suppose I’m in philosophy class to learn more about the mainly holistic views of philosophers and at least come to an understanding of their thought processes. I look forward to having my views challenged by my group mates and, although it’s obligatory for most of us in H01, I think mostly everyone will gain a new perspective from the class. I certainly hope I come out of the class less confused about the true nature of reality than I am now! “The bigger you build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed.” - Terence McKenna (I may have rambled a bit...)

  24. Hope Etheridge8:16 PM CST

    Hello! My name is Hope Etheridge and I am currently a sophomore. My major is Animal Science Education, which is part of the agriculture department. I hope to someday teach agriculture to high school students. I am a member of Sigma Alpha, the professional agriculture sorority and MTSU's Collegiate FFA. I am a manager at Carters at the Avenue in Murfreesboro (I do love kids!) I also love animals, especially dogs and farm animals since that is what I was mostly raised around.

    I am taking Philosophy to fulfill a gen ed requirement. It was either this class or dance and I am no dancer haha.. I am hoping that I can learn more about others and myself during this class and better prepare myself for my teaching career in the future!

  25. H01

    The brilliant individual who posts this comment is Nicholas Watts. I am a 19 year old freshman here at the college and my major is Anthropology/Archaeology. Oddly enough, I was drawn to MTSU for the outstanding programs the university supports in my chosen field. Which, for some reason, shocks my friends and colleagues who advocate UT as the authority on my major for this region. Needles to say I am happy to attend here at MTSU and to have received the Buchanan Fellowship.

    I am originally from Chicago IL, but have spent the majority of my days here in Murfreesboro (further giving MTSU value). I have a wide and varied range of interests which makes it hard at the moment to narrow my future plans, but that just makes the decision process that much more fun in my opinion. I have two jobs: one at the Old Navy at the Avenue here in town and one writing coverage articles for the NFL. Both of which I enjoy tremendously. I also enjoy gaming, working out, reading, horseback riding, and just about anything else that will stimulate both my body and mind. Which should make this class ideal if we plan on discussing and walking quite a bit.

    I am not exactly sure why I am here to be honest. I guess it must be beyond my authority to understand, and some higher power must have the answer. I do however, feel I am here to do something of an impressionable nature for future generations. I can totally see my contributions to the world as being immortal... not really, but a guy can dream.

    Oh, and here are some of my life goals in no particular order;
    Find Atlantis
    Find Bigfoot
    Build and live in a castle (because why not?)
    Work somewhere with a cold climate (because Nick likes snow)
    Pursue a PHD at Oxford
    And about 20 other things I have either forgotten until they become relevant again or until such a time as I can actually remember them.

    I am sure this class will be memorable and I look forward to the shenanigans that will no doubt ensue as we pursue an understanding of philosophy.

  26. Marisa Fraley11:52 AM CST

    Section 12

    Hey there, I'm Marisa. I'm 20 years old, and this is my fourth year in college. I've spent the past two years at MTSU, but 2 years before then at a community college in East Tennessee. It's pretty close to the border of North Carolina, if you're wondering. MTSU attracted me due to their Recording Industry majors, but once I got to MTSU, the advertising world caught my attention, and so my major is Advertising with minors in Psychology and Communication. I plan to use my degree to gain a job as an Advertising Media Planner or Account Planner, and hopefully travel as much as possible. Nashville seems to be where I want to be for a while, but I've always wanted to move to Canada. Vancouver or Toronto are my top picks.

    I'm originally from Delaware, but moved to East TN when I was young. I've spent most of my years in Tennessee. I work at Walgreens. I love music, playing music, singing it, writing it, everything. Tattoos are also a big love of mine, and I plan to expand my ever growing collection with more nerdy things, more dedications, and more quotes that mean a lot to me.

    I'm here to learn as much as I can and hopefully gain as many different perspectives of life as possible. Advertising uses a wide array of skills, and being able to see things from any given angle is a great skill to have. I hope that philosophy provides me with some help to better this skill.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone in class, and having a fun time this semester discussing and gaining new perspectives.

  27. Section 8
    Hey everyone! My name is Adam Mahan and I am currently majoring in Computer Animation. My goal is to apply at Disney World, upon graduation and hopefully become an animator for Pixar! I'm originally from Alabama and having lived in Arizona for the past six years I was eager to move back to the south. I immediately fell in love with Tennessee and of course, MTSU! For the time being though, I work at Olive Garden trying to save up money for school. As far as why I'm here, this class seemed intriguing and I like to keep an open mind and explore new views points about the world around us.
    I hope it turns out to be a very exciting and informative semester!

  28. Madi Stephens12:21 PM CST

    Section #8
    Hi, my name is Madi Stephens. I have lived in Murfreesboro for almost two years now. I have moved around a lot in the South but I'm originally from Louisiana. This is my second semester at MTSU and I love it here so far. I am a business administration major - which is subject to change - with a minor in agriculture and global studies. I work at Julia's Bakery here in the boro. I love cooking, baking and music! I do a lot of yoga and drink a lot of green tea. I'm pretty laid back and easy going. I enjoy learning and listening to others opinions on all topics. After I graduate, I want to volunteer with the peace corps for a couple years. Then, I want to start working towards my goal of owning/building my own country club/restaurant/winery.

    I'm here at MTSU to earn my degree in Business Administration. I'm here in CoPhilosophy because this study interest me. I want to understand why I believe the way I do, discover new beliefs and learn why and what others believe as well. I think I'm here earth to make a difference, to help others. I earnestly want to help others especially those who are hunger and poverty stricken not just in third world countries but also here in the US. I think we are all here for a purpose and we should do what we can to impact our world in a positive way.

    I am excited about this class and can't wait to see what will be discovered!

  29. Fariz Ali12:45 PM CST

    Hi my name is Muhammad Fariz Ali. I am 18 years old and currently live in Murfreesboro. I have quite a background. I have lived in 4 different countries and 5 different cultures. From Pakistan -where I was born- to Dubai to Montreal to Toronto and finally Murfreesboro. I am a "freshman" majoring in Biology and pre-med student. The reason I say "freshman" is because I have 37 credit hours which actually makes a sophomore but I just started college last semester.
    The reason for me to take this class is because its a gen ed requirement, I have heard great things about Dr. JPO and because I want to discover western perspectives on different issues in philosophy. From what I know I have been taught an eastern traditional view at life and at thinking. Yet when I came to the west everyone had different views which was very different than back home. So I want to be exposed to different perspectives on as many issues as possible. My goal at the end is to have a different view at life, at least to the point where I can understand the beliefs that other people hold in their lives.

  30. Section #12

    Hello my name is Robert Bagwell and I am a freshman here at MTSU. I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and have lived there my entire life. I am currently pursuing a degree in Television/Film production. I hope to one day be able to help produce a Emmy award winning television series and then take what I learn to be able to empower and teach America's youth how to be able to successfully work in the world of Broadcast Television and the film industry.

    I am currently in Introduction to Philosophy to fulfill one of my general education credits, and to gain an insight on why human beings act the way they act and why human beings believe in what they believe.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. #8

    Hey guys, my name is Kayla Paredes, I am 18 years old and I am majoring in Business Marketing. What I want to do in the future? I have no idea, but no worries because i'll find out sooner or later! I like to swim and travel. Unfortunately I work a lot, so I don't get to go on much adventures as I would like.

    I am in this philosophy course because I want to listen and learn on how others view life. I find it intriguing how we all have different ways of viewing life and different beliefs, but yet there are similarities between them. Also, why not?

  33. Section 8

    Hey guys! My names is Alyssa Degenhardt. I am an extremely introverted, natural blonde, but I decided four months ago that people would stop assuming I was less intelligent if I became a brunette... so far so good. I am extremely passionate about the beautiful, yet demanding sport of Gymnastics. I spent my entire childhood and a good portion of my adolescent years practicing for competition season in the gym. While that may sound sad to some, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It not only taught me most of the skills I use on a day to day basis, it brought me to the best job I could ever imagine having- Gymnastics coach. Aside from the time I spend at MTSU, most of what is leftover is spent in the gym coaching my sweet students.

    While I have always been passionate about Gymnastics, my greatest passion now is doing my best to live out the life Jesus Christ has planned for me. While that may turn some of you away, I hope that you keep reading. Christ has not always been the center of my life, and just because he is now does not mean that expect him to be that way for everyone. As a Christian, I do not believe it is my job to save anyone- quite the contrary, actually. I believe that it is my job to love, serve, and uplift those around me, to the best of my ability(just as I believe Christ did).

    So, who am I?

    I am a lover of people. I am a student. I am a friend. I am a coach. I am a christian.... and just like the rest of you I am trying to pass this class!!!

    The reason I'm here though is simple-
    To begin to understand those who do not understand me.

    Looking forward to this semester,
    Alyssa Degenhardt

  34. Anonymous3:52 PM CST

    My name is Noah Delk, and I am 18 years old. I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee and a graduate of Central Magnet School. I kinda like other languages, along with learning about other cultures. I am currently an Economics and Spanish major, with minors in German and Linguistics. I try to be curious about everything and keep an open mind.
    I am here in order to learn as much as I can over the next 3 1/2 years, especially in the areas of Spanish, German, French, and linguistics in general. I am also here because I have not yet been able to fully pursue a life abroad.

  35. Hello everyone, my name is Jana Plant. I am twenty years old (about to be twenty-one in a couple days YAY!) and I am from Springfield, Tennessee. I am a junior and this is my second semester here at MTSU after transferring from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. My major is Biochemistry with a concentration in Pre-Optometry (which is an eye doctor). I enjoy doing a huge number of activities that range from playing with my chocolate lab puppy to playing tennis and traveling. Once I graduate I plan to attend Optometry school and eventually own my own eye practice.

    I have always enjoyed hearing different people's opinions and seeing how they compare to mine. I believe that it is very important to remember everyone has had different experiences in their lives that have lead us all to where we are now. I look forward to this class and learning more about philosophy.

  36. Hi everybody. My name is Kelly Slocum. I am a 20 year old junior at MTSU and I am originally from the lovely State of Maryland. I am quite a talkative person but I can be shy at first. I plan to apply to Army PA (Physician's Assistant) school at the end of next fall semester. I joined the Tennessee National guard in early 2013. spent a year with a finance unit until this past September when I contracted ROTC and I am now drilling with a unit in Lebanon.
    I am here in Tennessee because I liked getting away from where I grew up and enjoy the south for the most part. I took this class because I needed 1 more HUM credit and a freind said I should take it.

  37. Anne Gillcrist5:33 PM CST

    Greetings! My name is Anne Gillcrist, but I have always been called Annie. I just turned twenty the day after Christmas. Woo-hoo! My hometown is Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Mount Juliet is about an hour away from MTSU so I am pretty close to my family, which is very nice. This is my second year at MTSU, and so far so good. I changed my major to Communication Studies from, wait for it, Biology. This is my first semester taking my communication courses, cross your fingers for me! I hope to graduate and become a Human Resources Manager. I would also love to own a pet store. I am a crazy animal lover. I have a spoiled kitty named LJ, but I like to call him LJ Cool J. I also have an old dog named Carmen. I own a hamster named Harriet and a crested gecko named Felix (he licks his eyeballs). That is just a little bit about me.

    Why am I here? I would say I am here to learn new things! I signed up for this Philosophy course because I had one more general education requirement. When signing up for the course I did not know what to expect. After Tuesday I am very excited to start learning more about Philosophy. I am also thrilled for the nice days that we can walk around outside, that sounds so fun! To all the #12’s, see you tomorrow.

  38. H01

    My name is Lesley Sweeton. I am 18 years old, and I am from McMinnville, TN. I am passionate about many things in life, most notably God, my family and friends, music, and learning. I aim to learn as many things as I can in life, and I want to gain knowledge and wisdom through my experiences. I am an English major with a double minor in Secondary Education and Psychology. I want to become a high school English teacher at my hometown high school.
    I am in this class because it is a Buchanan requirement, but I most likely would have taken this class anyway. Philosophy has always peaked my interest; I enjoy expressing my opinions and hearing others' opinions as well. I am at MTSU because it is close to my hometown, and the Buchanan Fellowship offers me many opportunities. Above all else, I am ultimately on this planet to serve The Lord and serve others to the best of my ability.

  39. Section 8

    Hello all. My name is Brandon Rodriguez, though I go by Rod. I have been at MTSU now since spring of 2013 and am finishing up my Aerospace Pro-Pilot degree with a minor in Military Science (Army ROTC). Prior to returning to College, I spent 6 years on active duty with the United States Coast Guard as an Avionics/Electrical Technician (airplane electrician) and Navigator on C-130 aircraft. Out of my 6 years, just about 5 were spent in Kodiak, Alaska. Since returning to school I have re-joined the military, this time with the Army National Guard here in Tennessee where I hope to start flying helicopters upon graduation and earning my commission as an officer. Originally I am from a small town in Illinois just east of St. Louis called Freeburg (huge Cards fan). I lived there for 10 years before my family moved to Arizona. We were only in Arizona when my dad got the opportunity of a lifetime to take a job in Heidelberg, Germany with the U.S. Army. We were able to enjoy 6 years there, spending much of our weekends and free time exploring Europe. Hands down the best place I have had the opportunity to live at so far. After Germany, my family and I moved to Huntsville, Alabama where my parents still reside today which leads in to why I am here at MTSU. I chose this school due to the Aerospace program being a decently known program throughout the industry and it happened to be relatively close to family. As far as philosophy goes, I needed another humanities class and it seemed like an interesting choice.

  40. Anonymous7:06 PM CST

    Section 8

    Hello. I am Connor Dean. I am 19 years old, a sophomore at MTSU, and a Computer Information Systems Major. I enjoy reading, video games, and writing fiction. I'm a serious introvert, so it looks like I'm ignoring people when I'm actually just too shy to talk.

    I'm here at MTSU to get a good degree working with computers. I grew up working with electronics, especially computers, so I want to pursue a career with them. I'm in this philosophy course because my knowledge of the subject is limited, so I'm here to learn.

  41. Spring Garner7:06 PM CST

    Section 12

    Hi! My name is Spring Garner. I'm an 18 year old freshman and this is my second semester at MTSU. I was born in Korea, but have lived in Clarksville, TN my whole life up until a couple months ago when I moved to The Boro! I love my dogs, Daisy and Pancake, and yellow tulips. I'm a Freshman Council representative in Student Government Association (SGA) and hope to become more involved in the MTSU community!
    I'm at MTSU because I love the atmosphere and the people that belong to it! I came to MTSU undecided on what I wanted to do, but knew this is where I wanted to be. Near the end of last semester I declared a major and am now pursuing MTSU's Dietetics program! I'm taking Intro to Philosophy to fulfill a GenEd and to learn.

  42. Anonymous8:32 PM CST

    Hey, I am Ben Burton, and I am majoring in physics due to my interest in math, science, and the way things work. I enjoy playing both game and music on my saxophone. I hope to go on to research and make important discoveries in my field.
    I am at MTSU because of the excellent price-tag and my excellent scholarship, the Buchanan Fellowship. Likewise, I ended up enrolled in this course since it is required of the Buchanans.

  43. #H1 Janie Kullmar
    Well my name is Janie Kullmar. I am from Murfreesboro. I have two sisters and a brother. My major is currently undecided. I am sort of pursuing both a degree in communication disorders in order to be a speech pathologist and a history degree. I really am hoping to study abroad in France this summer. I have always really liked school. My hobbies include sort of classically singing in choirs, singing in the shower, singing in the car and singing while I walk around. I really like reading but of course I don't do it as often as I would like. I did a reading intervention internship and so that rekindled my love of children's literature. Right now I am reading Mrs. Dalloway. I will hopefully finish it this weekend. I never have the same book for long but I really like Slaughter House Five.
    I am in this class with my scholarship but I am really happy to learn about philosophy. Despite this I am kind of apprehensive about it. I tend to be pretty reserved about my own beliefs. I think I will like the class though because I love listening to other people's beliefs. I came to MTSU because it is a big school with lots of opportunities for majors and careers.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Section 08,
    Good Evening!
    My name is Stephen Sanders, I am 22 years old and a senior +1 studying Aerospace Maintenance Management. I am from a small town of Estill Springs, TN. I have been in the Marine Corps Reserve Since 2011 and have plans to commission in the Navy upon graduation. My hobbies include simply, working out, collecting music in all formats but mostly vinyl, and binge watching netflix when available.
    I am here because I have a desire to know more about the idea of Philosophy as it is a foreign concept to me.

  46. Anonymous8:58 PM CST

    Section 12 Taylor Lynch
    Hi, my name is Taylor Lynch. I'm originally from Florida, but I have moved around quite a bit and I have been living here in Murfreesboro now for a few years. I am sophomore here at MTSU. I have a major in global studies and a minor in dance. I am currently studying Korean. I have a passion for the language and I hope to one day make an interpreting and translating career out of it. Obviously, I also enjoy dance since it is my minor. I have been dancing since my freshman year in high school.
    I have chosen to take this philosophy class as a general requirement. However, I am interested in the subject and I have a very open mind, so I am open to learning about other people's philosophical opinions and beliefs.

  47. #12
    Hi, I am Jonathan Shipley. I am somebody who, I think, is finally starting to figure himself out, but I'm also an perfectionist who wants to know everything before getting an answer that I care about. I just try not to be too much of an asshole about having things be perfect. I just want to do the things that make me happy and the people I care about happy. I want to make people proud. I suppose the reason of why I'm here is also answered by who I am. I feel like I need to make a mark no matter how big it is. I want to leave the world with more than I came into it with.

  48. Austin Jones9:06 PM CST


    Hello, friends! My name is Austin Jones. I am an 18 year old student studying audio production here at MTSU. I am from a small town called Ocean Springs on the gulf coast of Mississippi, though Tennessee has already started to feel like home. I am a musician that plays guitar, bass, piano, and drums, and I like to write original music. I am involved in the Audio Engineering Society, and hope to be involved in other organizations such as Match Records and Omega Delta Phi in the future. I am an avid lover of books, video games, and pretty much all things Tolkien related. I'm a pretty chill dude; I will get down to work when I have to, but I love to kick back with my friends and have a good time. I would like to become a full-time musician and audio engineer, self-producing my own music.

    Why am I here? Well, I'm here at MTSU because of their fantastic audio production program. I also love being this close to Nashville and being able to see shows pretty much whenever I want. I'm here in this philosophy class because it's a Buchanan requirement, but philosophy has always piqued my interest, and I probably would've enrolled in this class eventually anyway.

    I look forward to seeing you all in class!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Anonymous9:33 PM CST


    Hello everyone, My name is Drew Huff and I am a 19 year old freshman. I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. I have one brother who is joining the Marine Corps. My Family are huge sports fans, and we love the University of Georgia. I personally like music, movies, sports, and shooting. I am here at MTSU because of the amazing Recording Industry program and the opportunities provided by the Buchanan Fellowship. I hope to get a degree in Audio Production and work in movie post production. I am in this class because of the Buchanan Fellowship but I hope for engaging discussion and to learn as much as I can while I am in the class.

  51. #8

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Lane Folger. I am an 18 year old freshman with a major in geology. I was born in, and for the most part, raised in Tennessee. I have a great interest in music as well as being active, enjoying the great outdoors as much as I can.
    I am not on Earth by my own conscious decision, but plan to make the best of my time here that I can. I will do so by pursuing knowledge, keeping an open mind, taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves to me, and of course, by having fun.

  52. Holly Aslinger9:46 PM CST


    Hello, all. I am Holly Aslinger, and I am 18 years old. I'm from Kingston, Tennessee, and I have two older sisters. I've been out of the country to Canada, Iceland, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. I am pursuing degrees in both anthropology and music performance. My short term goals include going skydiving, street performing with my accordion, and becoming a rockstar, but my long term goals include becoming an archaeologist or perhaps an ethnomusicologist. If all goes as planned, I intend to study abroad in Israel this summer, and in the future I hope to extend my travels to places in Northern Africa and Southeast Asia. I have a great love for music and music composition, but greater still is my love for travel, history, and other cultures.

    I'm at MTSU because I admire the honors college, and because it's not too terribly far from home, and because it's close to Nashville, which is relevant to me because I'm a music major. I'm in this class for my scholarship, but I am definitely interested in philosophy. As a future anthropologist, it's kind of my job to care about what other people think about grand ideas about our existence.

    1. Northern Africa is beautiful. I certainly share your love of travel.

  53. Evan Conley9:47 PM CST

    Hello. My name is Evan Conley. I'm a Chemistry major in the pre-med program. I hope to graduate from MTSU and move on to Vanderbilt Medical School to study to become a psychiatrist.

    I'm in Philosophy primarily to observe and absorb what wisdom I can. However, I believe I can contribute greatly as a mediator. I greatly enjoy being able to perceive all sides of an argument and using that perception to lead disagreeing parties to reach an understanding of each other. With that said, I'm currently amidst a struggle to determine where to draw the line between my focus on my input and my output. I want to garner as much wisdom as I can, so I often refrain from interacting with others and choose instead to simply observe from a distance, but at the same time, I fear that if I spend all of my time focusing on gaining wisdom, I will miss my chances to put my knowledge to use for the betterment of the world. Some of the people have said that they will be sponges in this class, soaking up all the information they can. I like that metaphor, but believe that it's missing an important piece; I'd like to be a sponge in all of my classes, as well as my life experiences, but only so I will be able to help wash the world of its strife.

  54. Ashley Brannom9:51 PM CST


    Hi all! My name is Ashley Brannom. I will be 30 in two days (yikes!!) and I am a proud military wife and blessed to be the mother of a pretty awesome 5 year old son. Originally from Alabama, I have lived in several southern states and also in a small town in southern Indiana -which ironically was the most "country" place I had been until we moved to Tullahoma a year and a half ago. I am an organizational communications major. I love event planning and am very excited to see where that will take me.

    I am here at MTSU to learn...I love to learn. I think we should always strive to know more. This class is a general education requirement for me, however I have always wanted to take a philosophy class. I'm very interested in the different ways people think and why.

    See you soon:-)

  55. My name is Austin Smith. I'm 22 years old and I reign from the chilly northern arctic (Michigan). I've lived in Tennessee for almost 7 years and I enjoy the seasonality here much more than back home. I'm an accounting major- because I'm good at it. Honestly, there's nothing I could say to hold one's attention while conversing on balanced books or crunching taxes, so I stay well versed in other areas for a more interesting conversation. I, for one, love school. I realize how dismal the real world is, and, if it were an option, would attend school forever instead of working professionally. I'm interested in literally everything. I challenge myself to remember as much as I possibly can throughout the day (usually remembering minute, insignificant things that have no relevance).

    Seriously, I could sit here and rant for hours about "why we're here" or "what our purpose is", but for the sake of simplicity, I'll just say this: In the words of the late Richard Dawkins, "It may very well be a part of human nature to ask, but that doesn't make it a valid question"

  56. Jeffrey LaPorte11:08 PM CST


    The person writing this is Jeffrey LaPorte a 19 1/3 year old male college student who is currently Majoring in anthropology and minoring in religious studies at Middle Tennessee State University (you probably guessed at that last part) Jeffrey's greatest passion's are tie-dye, the theatre, and civil rights for Chipmunks.

    Jeffrey is taking this class because he was instructed to do so but as a long time enthusiast in the outward aspects of belief in the form of religion he is interested in learning about what goes the other side of the head. Also he hopes to use the knowledge he gains in the class to prove once and for all that Belgium is in fact just a figment of our collective imaginations.

    1. I hope Belgium is not, in fact, imaginative.

  57. Who am I? My name is Tyler Grundy. I am a sophomore who is majoring in Criminal Justice. I'm very optimistic and friendly, but I tend not to say much.
    Why am I here? Why is anybody here? To take classes and get an education to make their dreams come true. Hopefully, I will be able to use my education and degree to make the world a little bit better or a place to live in.

  58. Hello Everybody!

    **Disclaimer** I commented on this post previously on my fiance's laptop not realizing that he was still logged in from taking this class a couple of years ago, so I don't believe it was saved. Let's try this again.

    My name is Kelly Bartram. I am 21 years old and this is my second semester at MTSU. I guess you could say I'm a "college junkie" as this is technically the fourth college I've attended due to moving around and changing majors, but I am going to finish out my college career here as an ORCO major. I transferred to MTSU from Chicago and have had to deal with the culture shock of living in the south compared to the city, but it has been fun.

    I am honestly taking this class as a Humanities credit, and I have heard only good reviews about Dr. Oliver. But I am also curious to learn other people's view points and challenge myself to understand them if they are different from mine.

    Overall, I feel this will be a great semester!!

  59. Anonymous11:34 PM CST


    Daniel Knickerbocker,
    Who am I? - I am a thinking man. That is perhaps all I can say for certain, and that is, after all, the most important thing.
    Why am I here? - I am here because I enjoy this game.

    Also, I apologize for being short. I have thought about these two questions, and one more, for a very long time and these are the answers I have come to rest on, for the time being.

  60. SECTION 12!
    Who am I? I originally responded with 'Human,' which although true, is a very vague and sarcastic response to such an in depth question. That seems to be a good place to start. I am Sara Higgins, I feel that I am described as laid back and sarcastic, but my brain is porous and likes to absorb random knowledge and opinions that happen around me, along with the plethora of studies i shovel in there on a daily basis courtesy of my current educational goals of a BS in Audio Production. Some of the things I study and have interest in contradict each other, for instance, I am fluent in American Sign Language, and I want a job in a industry for the hearing. I want to have an on the go lifestyle, concert tours and travels, yet I am also getting my Yoga Teacher Training which is a more low key low tempo lifestyle. I cannot decide how I want to life quite yet. I am from Washington DC, and my parents do NOT work for the government. I hope to graduate next spring and go to the University of Stavanger in Norway for my Masters in Advanced Audio Production. I will have to lug my two lovely dogs with me, Gracie the Pit Bull mix, and Leut. Dan the Boston Terrier, both of which completely fight their stereotypes.
    I am at MTSU to prove something not only to myself or my family, but to anyone who has ever doubted me that I am going to make something of myself. I hope to be successful enough someday to be able to completely take care of my Mother, because she is my entire world and she gave everything up for me and my brother. I am here for her. I am here for me. I am here TO MAKE THE MUSIC YOU LISTEN TO SOUND BETTER.

    lykkelig læring
    (Norwegian for "Happy Learning!")

  61. Dallas Barrett
    Section 12

    Lets get the boring things out of the way.
    Hello mates, my name is Dallas Barrett. I was born here in Murfreesboro. I live right down the road in Smyrna. I played baseball all of my life; i could have played in college, but did not accept the offer to go play in Illinois. I am a sophomore. I am a accounting major, and plan on getting my master's here at MTSU and eventually getting a cpa license, and go work for a fortune 500 company and maybe get to the CFO position.

    I have worked at the same freight transportation company, Forward Air, for two years in May. I just got off that is why I'm posting so late. It is in Nashville, and if my car did not get 30+ mpg, i would not be making the drive, but I probably would because the pay is good.

    I am in the class with a group of friends, and I always wanted to know about how people perceived the world and what their philosophy was. It is my last gen. ed. that I have to do, and i am excited to get it out of the way.

    Some things you would not notice if you saw me. I am a very laid back guy, like to work on my car, I can speak with an Australian accent *Ladies,* I am diabetic and tall.

    Thanks Mates,

    Diabetic D

  62. First things first: Section #8. Hello everybody!

    My name’s Dwight…Harris. I’m eighteen, and in my second semester as a Freshman. My major is Computer Information Systems, a degree I chose because of a really strong interest in Infrastructure Architecture. My business and entrepreneurial goals call for building secure data-based systems from scratch, and CIS certainly accomplishes that. Often when not doing homework or business, I’m being spontaneously creative, switching on inspiration between writing, photography, graphic design, and music composing.

    I’m taking Philosophy as a way to fill a big void in my academic life…that is to say, I’ve always wanted to take this course. I’m a philosophical thinker by nature, and having a formal education would give me an earthbound, formal understanding of what Philosophy means to the world existing outside my own.

    Here’s to a vivid semester. Godspeed.

    P.S. I hope he remembered to bring the markers. :-)

  63. HO1

    I'm Josh Tilton, and I'm an english major.

    I like Hemingway and writing and thinking and usually end up perceiving reality through some conglomerate of the three.

    Due to recent worldview shifts, my personal philosophy on life has been shaken to its core. Now I guess I'm in that primordial-soup stage where all the elements of life and happiness and philosophy are there, they just need to... evolve.

    I like basketball and soccer and watching college football.

    "All is nada. Nada nada nada, nada."

  64. Alden Wakefield1:36 AM CST


    My name is Alden Wakefield, and I am a junior here at MTSU. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting with a minor in finance; I plan to attend further to receive a master's in accounting as well as my CPA certification. I have lived in Murfreesboro my entire life and in the same house since I was three years old. I am involved in Pi Kappa Phi fraternity as well as Lambda Sigma honors society. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading, and exercising. I enjoy the finer things in life and try to relax as much as possible.

    I am attending MTSU because it is my hometown college. I knew I was going to attend college, but I applied to MTSU as a safety net in case other applications did not see fruition. However, it ended up being the only college to which I applied. Although I considered transferring, I have come to realize the benefits and connections I hold on this campus. I fully intend to remain a student here until I graduate. I believe that I stayed here for a reason, and I am sure that I will realize it in the coming years. I am in philosophy mainly due to my scholarship, though the topic interests me, and I am not opposed to taking it. I greatly enjoy listening to the views and beliefs of others and understanding why they believe those things, even if I have no intention of adopting them. Concerning my existence, I am not sure exactly sure why I am here. I believe in God and in an afterlife, but I believe that the goals of one's existence are slightly more broad than the qualifications for Heaven. I hope to gain insight into these topics throughout the course and am excited to see if my views will, in fact, be changed.

  65. 12

    My name is Jalen and I am a 19 year old philosophy major. I've lived in Tennessee all my life. I tend to overload my brain with things to say when it comes to talking so I get myself tongue tied often. I laugh all the time. I consider myself to be hilarious. As I become the person I'm shaping myself into, I have adopted this monotone voice that can come off as sarcastic but trust and believe I am being serious. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to do, think, or say next so living, being, and truly experiencing the present is a difficult concept for me to grasp.

    I'm in this specific philosophy class because it was the perfect time that fit my schedule and I liked the reviews that I read about Dr. Oliver. He seemed to teach somewhat differently from the other Intro to Philosophy professors from the reviews so that sparked my curiosity. I'm finding myself to be filled with different yet positive thoughts concerning this class considering it's the first of many philosophy classes for my major. This is when I will find out if I have a true passion for the study of philosophy. I have high hopes this will be a fantastic class.

  66. Section 8

    Howdy Partners,

    Folks round these parts call me Evan Dunne. I am a Sophomore at MTSU, studying Electronic Media Journalism. I am native to Smyrna, Tennessee. I participated in competitive swimming for almost ten years, but alas, that chapter of my life is now over. I am an avid fan of all styles of music, I typically enjoy most movies, I have a brash sense of humor, and I am a procrastinator. I am very involved with my fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau, and I would encourage you to talk to me about my fraternity involvement before you pin me as the egocentric, self-entitled fratboy stereotype.

    I am in this class, and moreover, I am interested in Philosophy because of my upbringing. As a product of the South, and more specifically, the Bible Belt, I was indoctrinated with a specific set of beliefs from a young age. When I was high school, I began to doubt these beliefs, and I found that this skepticism was healthy for a blossoming mind in pursuit of knowledge. That being said, I love to learn about other peoples' beliefs.

  67. Hello,

    My name is Jacob Hunsicker. I am a freshman at MTSU. I am an Exercise Science Major, and I plan to graduate in four years.

    I am from Nashville, TN. I love watching the Nashville Predators hockey team. I am usually sarcastic and funny, at least I think so... I view myself as a generally nice person. I look forward to being in class with all of you.

  68. Zachary Byrn
    Section 12

    Hey guys.

    My name is Zachary Byrn and I am a brother of Phi Kapla Tau here at MTSU. I'm from right here in Murfreesboro, less than 5 minutes from campus. I've always lived in Tennessee and enjoy traveling to other places that I can someday see myself living in.

    The reason I am in Philosophy is so that I can finish up a general education requirement while also becoming more exposed to different thinking and asking more questions. The reason I am at MTSU is so that I can hopefully one day obtain a degree in Computer Information Systems from the Jones College of Business. After that I'd like to get a great job that allows me to travel and do things outside of Rutherford County.

  69. Hello section 12, possibly again.

    My name is John Robinson. I just filled out my entire witty introduction, but I cannot find it on here. So here we go again.

    I have no idea why I am here. I think anyone who says they do is lying. If they knew, they wouldn't be in a philosophy course. I am 21 was born and bred in Nashville. I am not sure what I want out of my life, but I'm excited to discover whatever that might be.

    I am a public relations major. With that being said, the public annoys me. People just tend to be stupid. Individuals are A-okay. But the collective voice of people is typically whiny and ignorant.

    I look forward to getting to know most of you guys this semester. Let's kick some philosophized butt!

  70. Timothy Egly12:19 PM CST

    Timothy "Lance" Egly
    Section 12.

    Hi everyone, I am Lance and, as I stated in class, I'm not sure of who I am.
    What I am is, though, a first year sophomore, a proud member of Phi Kappa Tau, currently a public relations major.

    I am taking this course because its a possible major pick of mine that will lead to law school.(If I decide to go down that road.) Also, I find philosophy fascinating!

  71. Hello,
    My name is Heather Steekley. I'm a junior majoring in Global Studies and Japanese. I came back to Tennessee to attend MTSU before that I lived in Okinawa (but I was born in Murfreesboro). I'm taking this class out of curiosity and for the credit for gen ed.


  72. Anonymous2:30 PM CST

    Section H01

    Hey everybody,
    My name is Dylan Smith. I'm a 20 year old junior majoring in Aerospace with a concentration of Professional Pilot. I'm originally from Sikeston, MO, and I moved to Murfreesboro when I began college. I've been flying since I was 14 and it is my dream to fly professionally. I also have owned my own airplane since I was 16.

    I'm here to fulfill my dream of being a professional pilot, as well as to experience something different from the area I grew up in. As far as this course, I am here because I am a Buchanan Fellow, and Dean Vile feels that these courses are important to our development as well-rounded scholars.

  73. #8

    My name is Jacques Beasley. I am an 18 year old freshman majoring in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy. I am originally from France, and I moved to Nashville my Sophomore year in High School. I am taking philosophy for interest rather than a requirement.
    I am enjoying living in the U.S., but I go back to my hometown of Beausoleil in the south of France (near Monaco) for every vacation to see my mother and my grandparents.
    I would like to become a professor of Astronomy later in life, but my real passion is music.
    Looking forward to this semester.

  74. My name is Aaron Smith. I am a sophomore majoring in marketing. I was born in Guam and have lived in several other places, but I grew up in a small town in Georgia. I came to Middle Tennessee because I closed my eyes and put my finger on a map, and I had never been to this part of Tennessee until freshman orientation. I plan on joining the military after college.