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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Team Ball is Lyfe Section 12

Today we all went out and walked, talked and thought like peripatetics. We had many discussions going at once. One of the most important was the question of reality as we see it. Jackson asked a mind boggling question: Are our shadows our true reality and we are their shadows instead of it being the other way around? We discussed this and started to go further into the question of reality, Jana asked another question, "What if we live in someone's dream?" We again discussed and realized that we have no idea or proof of what reality is. We have our senses to tell us that we exist but we don't know where in this expanding universe we exist or from whom do we exist. So this got too deep and we decided to change topics and some of us talked about 3rd world countries and their difficulties. We went on to ask the question of whether 3rd world people would be fine living in Plato's Republic. We ended up deciding from our experiences that 3rd world people have changed, somewhat westernized themselves to cherish democracy and not give in to a totalitarian government  unlike centuries ago when most 3rd world countries were under a monarchy or another form of totalitarian government.  


  1. Scores so far:
    Robert 3
    Spring 1
    Jalen 4
    Tyler 5
    Fariz 8
    Jackson 4
    Sarah 5
    Nick 3
    Jana 8

  2. Section 12

    From class on Thursday, I really enjoyed listening to everyone's views on love. To me, love is a fluid idea that is ever changing and is different for each person. I believe there are many different forms of love such as for your parents, siblings, children, and significant others.

    As for our peripatetic walk, like Fariz stated above we had many interesting discussions. It can sometimes be hard for us all to take a step outside ourselves and think about where we really are in the "big picture" that is our universe and beyond. We had a lot of good ideas and points made during our walking journey that really opened up my mind.

    As for our readings, I can agree to some aspects of Aristotle's views on happiness, but I found the readings about God to be the most interesting. I grew up in church, but it has always been hard for me to wrap my head around the thought of one, almighty being. I see myself as more agnostic and I do not deny the fact that there is something more powerful than us out there, however, I am not quite sure what it is. I think that will be a very interesting discussion in class for us to talk about!

    FQ: What does ethika mean?
    DQ: Do you believe God exists? Why or why not?

  3. FQ's from last class:
    1) For Socrates, a conversation that ended in everyone realizing how little they knew was a failure. T/F LH p2
    2) For Socrates, wisdom consists o knowing lots of facts. T/F LH p3
    3) Plato's parable of the cave was intended to illustrate the distinction between appearance and reality, and to introduce his Theory of ________. LH p5
    4) Does M.M.McCabe prefer to teach by lecturing Socratically? PB p8
    5) Who said Eros is the search for your other half? PB p12
    6) What's good about Plato's concept of Eros as contemplation of the Form of Beauty according to Angie Hobbs? or what is bad about it? PB p17
    7) Who was put to death for asking too many questions?
    8) Who was Plato's most impressive pupil?
    9) What killed Socrates?
    10) Where was Socrates from?
    11) Socrates and Plato lived in what century?
    12) What modern government does Plato's "The Republic" represent?

  4. 12

    I enjoyed reading Aristotles' thoughts on happiness. Happiness is a subject that I can go on and on about. Reading about God was rather interesting in the way that everything is so valid that it can only come down to personal preference and belief.

    FQ: What was Aristotle's answer to the question: What can we do to increase our chance of eudaimonia?
    DQ: Does the good in the world balance out the evil? Why or why not?