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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

THE CHURCH OF YEEZUS PT. 3 of 3 (ft. Clarissa Ceffalo - Sec. 13.2)

Imagine a world where you don’t know everything about your favorite celebrity. What would you spend your time obsessing over?! You would actually have to commit your mom’s birthday to memory instead of Drake’s. You wouldn’t be able to worry about if Justin and Selena were going to make it. Brad and Angelina’s marriage would have stayed a secret. There would no longer be any celebrity vs. paparazzi fights (and probably less celebrity vs. celebrity fights). Lady GaGa’s song wouldn’t even exist! This is the type of world Kanye dreams about and believes should exist. A type of… celebrity utopia (because fame, power and money isn’t enough).

The self-proclaimed God-figure isn’t completely delusional though. He also believes celebrities are famous and their kids aren’t.

Hold on. 

Hear me out.

He has a valid point.

The children of celebrities didn’t choose the famous life, the famous life chose them. For this reason, Kanye tries really hard to keep his baby (North West, not Kim Kardashian) out of the spotlight. He doesn’t even want her to appear on his wife’s show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians." That doesn't keep Kim from having North on the show (she got wise and blocks out the baby with objects, so you can only hear it).

Do celebrities deserve the respect and privacy a “normal” person like you and I have? Just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they are any less human. If we can’t give the celebs what they want, should we at least respect their kids? Paparazzi to a famous person is like a stalker to us. What would you do if you had people constantly following you with your children; taking pictures at your house, the park, the grocery store? I’d probably react like Kanye and be rude to the paparazzi all the time.

**skip to 1:00 to hear Kanye's response to paparazzi harassment or watch the whole thing to better understand what it's like to have people constantly following you**

The irony, however, that as I watch Transformers and write this, I feel the need to google search Megan Fox’s kids, as if I had some sort of entitlement to know what her family looks like. Social media gives people a false sense of familiarity with celebrities. We feel, because of the partially instant connection we have, that we are a part of their lives and deserve to know what’s going on with them all the time.     

If Yeezus really is a God, with a snap of his fingers he should be able to make his utopia happen. 

Riddle me that, Kanye West!

 I’ll be waiting for a response when I pray to Yeezus before bed tonight.


  1. I love how you 'hid' random links in your post. Great Job!

  2. I hope I'm right in detecting a subtle sub-theme in your report to the effect that celebrity culture is vapid and mindless. But if so, why turn the spotlight on Kanye et al in the first place? What if we gave the celebrity treatment to people who really contribute to the betterment of civilization, rather than those who cash in on our insatiable hunger for fame-mongering? The whole social media concept of "following" is really symptomatic of a hollowness at the core of public life, doncha think?