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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chuck Palahniuk - 1/4 - Pola Kopieniak

Chuck Palahniuk

Born: February 21, 1962

  • Born in Washington
  • Ukrainian, Russian, and French

Chuck Palahniuk is a journalist, writer, and novelist with a postmodernism type style. His novels are mostly of fiction and horror with gruesome detail that actually has gotten him turned down by many publishers and directors.

Chuck Palahniuk studied journalism at the University of Oregon for a while and moved to Portland before getting a job as a freight liner, where he did engineering and wrote manuals on how to fix engines and such. While working at the freight line, he continued to write, being inspired by many things such as him going to group meetings and working at a hospice. These events helped spark his ideas for his most known work, "Fight Club".

Palahniuk had many things that have impacted his life to the point of him basing his novels on them. In 1999, Chuck Palahniuks father and his girlfriend at the time were murdered, and Chuck was the one to determine the sentence, and he chose the death penalty for the murderer. In the hospice he worked at, he had gotten extremely close to a patient who sadly passed away, leaving him alone once more. Another thing in his life was him coming out as being gay. The way he approached it was in an interview where everyone already assumed he was married with children. Where, in the interview, he openly admits he had been living with his boyfriend of 20 years.

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  1. How ironic, that the advocate of "fight club" would lose the people closest to him to violence. What are your reflections on that?