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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christina Markee Philosophy project part 3 of 4

Christina Markee
Part 3 of 4
Section 13 Group 2
Sigmund Freud

            Sigmund Freud’s discovery of the unconscious was a very good discovery. He realized that much of what we do is driven by the wishes that are hidden from us. These are unconscious desires and they have a deep influence on our lives and the way we organize society. I believe this theory, I sometimes wonder what influences me to do certain things or to act in certain ways. He also mentions that we hide from ourselves what we really feel and what we really want. I can admit to doing this multiple times, I tend to hide my feelings from people.

            According to Freud he defined dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious.” Becoming one of the best ways to find out about hidden thoughts. I’m sure we've all had some very bizarre dreams and wondered what triggered them or where they come from. Now I know the stem from the unconscious. Dreams contain surface content and latent content. Surface content is what appears to be going on. Latent content is the real meaning of the dream. The things that we encounter during our dreams are symbols. They represent wishes that linger in our unconscious mind. I am always curious as to why sometimes, I cannot remember my dreams. I also hate when you are dreaming and you feel as though you are falling and I usually wake up, but when returning to sleep, I do not return to see what happened. Most of the time if I wake up during a dream I do not go back to it once I go to sleep again. Maybe I am unconsciously waking up. It is very interesting to me that he believes that this all starts with wishes. It is also unbelievable to realized what all can be going on in the unconscious mind that we are not always aware of. Or necessarily understand the full meaning of why certain wishes and dreams happen. I always say my body has a mind of its own from time to time. Truly believe it now. 

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