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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jobs Everyone Should Work at least Once: 2) Customer Service

2) Customer Service
Working a job in the customer service area is also a highly beneficial job to learning social skills and how to behave around often unpleasant and upset people. It requires you to take a moment, go forward one step at a time, develop a game plan, and respect another person regardless of their attitude. Dealing with other people, especially with customer service, teaches us skills that we will use often as we get older. It requires a level head and rational attitude with a lot of self control.
I myself work as a receptionist at Value Vet in Nashville, i make appointments, work with other people's schedules and handle complaints as well as asses situations as to whether or not they are an emergency. It has taught me to manage my time, set priorities, talk to people with confidence and be polite, but also firm with upset clients that I simply cannot help to their expectations. It has taught me that everyone has horrible days, and though they may take it out on the phone with me, my day does not have to be ruined because of it.
I believe these are valuable life skills and lessons everyone should experience, it will teach people how to better control their emotions around others and appreciate the "behind the scenes" folk who play a big role in managing the system.

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