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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Final Project 4 of 4

Christina Markee
Philosophy Project
Post 4 of 4

John Rawls

John Rawls major philosophy was wanting to create a better world, a better society. In the process of Rawls trying to make a better society he established two principles. The first being the “Liberty Principle,” stating that everyone should have a right to a range of basic freedom that must not be taken away from them. The main freedoms he was focused on were that of belief, to vote for their leaders, and expression. All which are very important in trying to better a society. The second principle he mentions is the “Difference Principle.” This principles one and only focus is equality. I must say I agree with the terms that Rawls discusses on equality in a society. He states that societies should be arranged to distribute wealth equally allowing for opportunity to the disadvantaged side of society. No one likes to see people fail and I feel that the United States is too comfortable with taking citizen’s money and watching them sink. Our society is currently not helping anyone that desperately needs it. It’s as if our system is backwards. The people that actually try to make ends meet by either working multiple jobs, or returning to school get little to know financial help. Whereas, the people that refuse to get a job and cannot pay their bills seem to get all the financial help in the world. They sometimes have nicer things than I do. There is something desperately wrong with that picture. Sorry that I am ranting in my post, I just feel too many things in this world are unfair.

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  1. People with a keen sense of justice can't help ranting occasionally, although Rawls himself was apparently pretty low-key most of the time. But read Carlin Romano's account of Rawls in "America the Philosophical," to gain insight into the personal passions that drove him.