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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chuck Palahniuk - 2/4 - Pola Kopieniak

Chuck Palahniuk

A few of the books Chuck Palahniuk wrote, as I mentioned in part 1, were not published and had to be re-written because they were deemed as being "too disturbing". A few examples of there books are "Choke", "Invisible Monsters", and "Haunted". These are just a few examples of his work that were denied.

Haunted Epidemic:
In Palahniuk's novel "Haunted", he writes a very intricate story of writers getting together for a writers retreat, and it not being what they thought. When Palahniuk wrote and (finally) was able to release this novel, people were amazed at how disgustingly detailed the first chapter of this book really was. During his book signing for his novel "Haunted", Palahniuk read "Guts", the first chapter, out loud to all his audiences. These reading caused an epidemic, for 73 people were reported as fainting and a handful of other had thrown up.

Fight Club:
"Fight Club" also started an epidemic when it came to what and how he wrote his books. In the beginning, while working at the freight liner, Palahniuk wrote a short story, which is now chapter 6 of "Fight Club". He wrote a part of this story based on society he was in called the Cacophony Society, which was a group in Portland that would get drunk and play pranks.
The reason "Fight Club" started such an epidemic was because of the way he wrote the main character like an all knowing God, and that fight clubs were actually a good therapy session. People all around the world would make fight clubs, base their fashion around the wardrobe of the film, and many other things.

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  1. So, what's his philosophical message? On it's face, the world really doesn't seem to need more fighting.