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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jobs Everyone Should work at least Once: 1) Food Service

Jobs Everyone Should Work at least Once: 1) Food Service
I believe that everyone should work a job in Fast Food or waiting tables at least for a small period of time in their life before the age of 30. This is important because wage is strictly based off tips, and being polite and kind to people often determines your pay for the day. These kind of jobs teach people that it doesn't matter how we feel that day, we are often required to be polite and pleasant to others regardless of our own situations. Working in the food service industry is very important to communication skills, and teaches one another how to work well within a team, yet still take responsibility for our own actions. These kinds of jobs teach an immense amount of patience, time management, appreciation, and social skills that will be beneficial in other jobs down the road.
I have personally worked in the Food Service industry, I worked at Zaxby's for several months and have noticed a drastic difference in my time management skills and social behavior. I have learned to not let my day effect someone else's and also realized that i have a lot more to offer the world than I had initially realized. This job taught me to test myself and work my way up from the bottom and appreciate the hard work i put into getting a better job.

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  1. I agree. I have worked in fast food since I was 16 starting at Dairy Queen, to when I was 21 I worked my first serving job waiting tables in Wyoming. I don't think a lot of people understand what it is a server goes through. First of all our wages suck. 2.13/hr plus tips. I don't believe that most customers know that is our hourly wage. Yes, I understand we make tips, but if the season is a slow season we are barely scraping by.