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Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 20th Chapters 27-28 and Chapter 17-20 questions

July 20th Chapters 27-28 and Chapter 17-20 questions
Don Enss

Chapter 27. Triumph of the Will: Nietzsche and the Death of Reason.

1.      According to Herman, what did both Plato and Aristotle assume was man’s most important mission and what was the surest guide for doing it?
2.      What is Zeno’s paradox regarding the race between Achilles and the tortoise?
3.      What is élan vital?
4.      Bertrand Russell came to consider this individual as perhaps the greatest intellect in his day. He was a student of Russell’s yet his name is not mentioned in Russell’s The History of Western Philosophy. Dr. Martyn Oliver stated that Russell never fully recovered from his student’s comprehensive destruction of the idea that a pure philosophical theory of knowledge was possible. The impact of William James on this individual was decisive.  Who was this mysterious philosopher?

Chapter 28. Common Sense Nation: Plato, Aristotle, and American Exceptionalism.

1.      What did James Madison conclude was the best way to preserve liberty in a modern society?
2.      According to Herman, what was the official creed of the American Republic?
3.      What did Daniel Coit Gilman, first president of John Hopkins University, say was the goal of a university?
4.      What is the intellectual creed that William James believed that Americans needed?

Chapter 17-20 A Philosophy of Walking

1.      Who was Gérard de Nerval and what happened at the end of his last walk?
2.      According to Gros, what are the three important aspects of walking?
3.      Why is the charm of the outings by children lost by adults?

4.      Why did most women of spirit love walking in the Tuileries Garden?

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