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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leaps of Spontaneity

                For me life is about balance. I like schedules when it comes to certain things and certain times. I also like spontaneity when it comes to certain things and certain times.

May of 2014 I moved to Brooklyn, New York. I had no job lined u. I don’t remember the exact amount of money I had but it was less than $100.  The only thing I had secured was a place to live and 6 months of paid rent which was a last minute graduation present.  When I arrived to New York I knew I had to hit the ground running to secure employment. I printed out resumes and walked Spring St in Soho dropping them off at clothing boutiques. I arrived to New York on a Monday, I landed an interview on Friday and I began working Saturday. I’m sure you all know that I spent a lot of time walking! Walking the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan for one year and 3 months taught me a lot about myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I even gained some experience working at a production company! My mom always uses the phrase “You found yourself there” in which I refute “Finding myself would imply that I’m lost which I am not. I was being spontaneous!”

August 2015 was the end of my expensive walking days in New York. I decided to move to Tennessee to figure out my next plan. The idea of grad school was the plan; however, nothing was concrete. After a few months of some dead ends here I stand. Attending school has put a hold on my spontaneity for sure. Living the routine lifestyle has been productive; however, I am missing the gratification of spontaneity. As stated earlier, it’s all about balance. Who knows where my walks will lead me after graduating. I hear California has some nice hiking trails!    


  1. "I'm not lost, I'm exploring." I think of spontaneity as a state of mind, more than of place, and as several of us have noted it's not an either/or in competition with stable habits and routines. Balance, again.

  2. Balance definitely. I too enjoy spontaneity. Something to break from the mold of everyday experience. Routine and regimentation are invaluable when it results in productivity or working skills, however the spontaneity of a roller coaster ride, or a trip in an unforeseen place produces a break from that. The knowledge that their exists a stable fall-back place is comforting, as a lover of travel I agree. I have never been to New York but perhaps might like the change of pace and unpredictable environment. Sometimes, I think it is healthy to test boundaries, be it they don't endanger yourself of another. Some of best epiphanies have resulted in taking a risk, but they should be calculated and planned.