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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pappa Was A Rolling Stone

DQ: If a pilgrim is originally "not at home where he is walking," is it possible through walking to acquire a feeling not only of heading home but of being at home while in transit? What does it take for you to acquire a feeling of home?

I thought about this question, and, after years of traveling, I found that one makes two homes: "home" as in residence and "home" on the road--friends, familiarity among the flux, and personal belongings that will fit in a suitcase. Even in the strangest environments, one can find something to hold onto.

Pappa was a rolling stone/wherever he laid his hat was his home...


  1. As Jennifer M. Hecht says, "Hang a sign that says HOME on a tree and you're done..." We need to make multiple copies of that sign and hang 'em liberally.

  2. Oh yeah! I remember that! I'm gonna tag that on my suitcase.