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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"She Want That Old Thing Back" - Is happiness really "not repeatable"? 145

When one speaks of happiness, it is always with a far off look. A look that yearns for that moment all over again. The idea of happiness is not repeatable based on the fact that no moment is like any other. Moments may feel similarly, but the circumstances of a moment are never the same.
Gros makes the same statement when he describes happiness as “fragile.” (145) Happiness can only be bliss because it is fragile. The joy of a moment is found in the fact that happiness is often “rare and random.” (145) Rare in how it effects one’s soul and random in when happiness finds one’s soul.
When the urban poet, Shawn Carter, wrote that “she wants that old thing back.” Shawn was making a drug reference. A reference that describes the high that drug addicts chase after on a continuous basis. The desire to catch that rare moment of ecstasy keeps them chasing a fleeting moment. A moment that is visually displayed in the music video for the aforementioned song below.  

The idea of happiness not being repeatable is not just seen in this example of a drug addict. Yet, it can also be seen in our pursuit of love, money or fame. Whatever makes us happy has its moment, but no two moments are ever the same. Shawn said that too! 

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  1. But is the addict's temporarily-sated craving real "happiness"? What would Aristotle say?