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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chapter Questions for July 6th

July 6 Chapters 23-24 and Chapter 10-12 questions
Don Enss

Chapter 23. “Feeling is all:” The Triumph of the Romantics

1.      What was the dark underside of commercial society that Wordsworth saw in England?
2.      The Romantics’ fascination with nature led them to discover what?
3.      Just as the Romantic became fascinated by storms and lightning, so the Byronic impulse produced another stock character from the Romantic inventory: What was it?
4.      Who was the living intermediary between mankind and the eternal Forms of Plato?

Chapter 24. Victorian Crossroads: Hegel, Marx, and Mill

1.      According to Herman, who was the first truly global philosopher?
2.      Marx was convinced that Hegel’s dialectic was the key to what?
3.      What is the Marxist version of the cave?
4.      According to Mill mass man is?

Chapter 10-12 A Philosophy of Walking

1.      What does Gros say seems to finally be the only way out of the endless tunnel?
2.      The frugality that Thoreau recommends is against what?
3.      Thoreau wrote that “what he saw, he made his own.” What did he mean by that statement?

4.      What is a last source of energy, after the heart and the Earth and why?

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