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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Discussion Questions for July 6th class.

Don Enss

1. Would you want to fly on an airplane to Europe if Thoreau was the pilot?

2. Thoreau died at forty-four from tuberculosis. Did his lifestyle contribute to his illness and his death and did others have to pay for his care by using their time and money that could have been used for their needs? Is it not okay to live in your world when it impacts someone else?


  1. Wow, speaking of originality...

    But can you give us a little more context for the airplane question, Don? It's pretty hypothetical, imagining ANY man of the 19th century in the cockpit!

    Thoreau's lifestyle seems to have been as healthful as can be imagined. How do you suppose it may have negatively impacted others?

  2. In regards to question 1, I wonder if the "chatter" would be too much for him--turn off the oxygen to the cabin, so to speak?

  3. My second axiom: never entrust your life in flight with a person who would rather be on the ground.