Up@dawn 2.0

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

PW Ch. 11 - Major Dusk Alert!!!!

Oh Thoreau! How your words make me swoon, but on this topic I see anew. In my mind, that line was so cool. Does a natural beginning always occur with the break of morning dew? Why is the morning the beginning of a new day? Is it because Thoreau and other before him deemed it so?

Though the morning does provide a beautiful sight to freshly woken eyes, I find a greater strength when I walk in the cool of the evening. When I walk in the cool of the evening, I am able to leave the day behind. My evening walks help me to separate myself from my missteps and propel myself towards another day.

As a person born in the heart of the fall season, I am more awake when there is dusk upon me. For me, the cool winds and grey clouds of the evening are where my sins are forgiven (Gros 99). For me, the dawn of night re-energizes my soul and awakens a new drive in my spirit. Where Thoreau looks towards the West, I enjoy the calm of the East. I use the past to help write my future true. The wildness of the West can only be conquered by lessons learned from the history of the East.

History must be truly absorbed so that true glory might be obtained. A new day is only successful because of the lessons learned from the day before. By walking in the light of dusk, I take the necessary time to reflect on the lessons of the day, so the light of the morning does not blind me from my goals.


  1. Again, whatever works. Thoreau was more accommodating of night owls than commonly understood, saying "morning is when I am awake and there is a dawn in me"... in YOUR case, morning may came later in the day. Even at dusk.

    I'm with him, morning is special (and unlike Tennessee summertime dusk, it's not usually so hot and sticky). But his point is deeper than just a preference for sunrise, it's about showing up for your own ascent whenever it happens. The sun itself, after all, is "but a morning star."

  2. Night runs are also some of the best as well. The mind seems to be much more active and aware of it's surroundings when there is less visibility. That slights increase in adrenaline and heightened focus allows me to be more self-conscious in my movements and thoughts. While day provides a sort of comfort and calm, night seems to be a time when the mind needs to be more active. Or for walking, a time when the mind can mind down and start to relax to prepare for sleep.