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Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 13th Chapters 25-26 and Chapter 13-16 questions

July 13th Chapters 25-26 and Chapters 13-16 questions
Don Enss

Chapter 25. The Scale of Nature: Darwin, Evolution, and Aristotle’s God.

1.      What was Humboldt’s great gift to his fellow naturalists?
2.      What did Charles Darwin really enjoy that Nietzsche, Thoreau, and Rousseau also enjoyed?
3.      What did Whewell argue was responsible for the big breakthroughs in scientific research?
4.      What was the problem of Aristotle’s view about the species that made up the scale of nature from the lowest plants to man himself and why did he think that?

Chapter 26. Unseen worlds: Physics, Relativity, and the New World Picture.

1.      What was one of the major scientific puzzles of the age that Maxwell took on?
2.      What did Maxwell believe was “the mathematics of practical men?”
3.      What was especially tragic about Boltzmann’s suicide?
4.      What is the crucial difference between the Augustine’s community belief and the Hegelian State belief?

Chapter 13-16 A Philosophy of Walking

1.      What were some of the motives for pilgrims in the Middle Ages?
2.      Every truly magnificent landscape diminishes the person who has conquered it on foot and at the same time fills him with victorious energy. Two impulses run through him at once: What are they?
3.      What were the experiences that the Cynic sought to realize?
Why is happiness fragile?

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