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Monday, June 6, 2016

Quiz June 8

Greetings from Sherman Oaks, California! Haven't had much time to think about the quiz these past days, or anything else really, except keeping the wheels on the road. So again, I can use your help in coming up with some good quiz and discussion questions.

13-Celestial Harmonies: Plato in the Middle Ages
1. Bernard was especially offended by Abelard's holding the Church to what?

2. What is the modern evangelical/colloquial term for Bernard's Christian variant on Plato's Myth of the Cave?

3. Gothic churches are the lasting home of what?

4. What was Plato's significance for the school of Chartres and the Gothic mind in general?

  • Comment: "Philosophy had no business trying to lift the veil from mysteries beyond human understanding." 207
  • Post yours please

14-At the Summit: Arabs, Aristotle, and Saint Thomas Aquinas
1. The Crusades were a "notorious waste of lives and reputations," but what was their unintended positive consequence?

2. Aquinas implicitly repudiated what Averroist idea?

3. Averroism is reflected in what quip by Voltaire?

4. What is Aquinas's most famous aphorism?

  • Toledo really once was "Holy Toledo" - "a city in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims could live and work side by side." (224) Can we reasonably hope for the future advent of a truly ecumenical culture that welcomes all faith traditions AND no-faith traditions? 
  • Post yours please

15-The Razor's Edge
1. What Bacon sentence might have been written by Locke or Hume?

2. What moderate realist position did Ockham overturn?

3. What, besides the Roman Emperor Ludwig's autonomy, did Ockham defend?

4. What stunned Adam Smith at Oxford?

  • Do you use Ockham's Razor? (I've recently switched to Harry's, myself!) If so, is that more than an aesthetic preference for simplicity and parsimony? Do we have good reason to believe that a lean (not bloated) worldview is more likely to be true?
  • (I don't know the answer to this one, I'm just curious...) Why do you think Somerset Maugham called his novel "The Razor's Edge"?
  • Post yours please

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