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Saturday, June 18, 2016

DQ for June 22nd class

Discussion Question for June 22nd class.

Don Enss

What is the difference between natural rights and civil rights and how did Aristotle influence John Locke’s views on natural rights?

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  1. For me the difference is that "natural rights" must be demonstrably anchored either in nature or nature's god (or both), making the concept highly debatable and open to challenge; while civil rights are a minimal expression of civility that must not be allowed to hinge on an ultimate philosophical or metaphysical rationale. All debate aside, if we value civilization we MUST protect and defend civil rights without reservation or exception.

    Aristotle's influence on Locke is an interesting question for interested scholars. I'm pretty sure Locke is on Team Aristotle, but the concept of natural law and natural rights has a strong Platonic resonance too.