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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Follow your inclination

Dean remarked last night that he's more of a "leaning" (and sweating) than a walking philosopher. An old scholastic principle holds that whatever has being must also have a name, so let's call him not a Peripatetic, but an Acclinaretic... from the Latin acclinare, to lean or incline.

From this vantage we look a bit like pawns on a chessboard. Well, we were discussing free will and determinism! We'd still be free to move in accord with our pawn-nature, a step at a time. But I'm more like Moses in that cartoon: I want to stick my head through the sun-roof sometimes. (Maybe I've not thought that through...)
Postscript, June 3. Greetings from Amarillo TX... More great pics from the Acclinaretic Philosopiher:

And a re-tweet:

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The multitude has no ruler more potent than superstition. (TTP)

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