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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quiz June 15 :)

Chapter 16 - Aristotle, Machiavelli, and the Paradoxes of Liberty 

1)What signaled the birth of a new ideal for Europe?

2)What was Leonardo’s term for the new learning program for the free active citizen?

3)What motto was inscribed on Leonardo’s tomb?

4)What did Machiavelli reveal about the highest forms, liberty and self-government, of political life?

Chapter 17 - The Creative Ascent: Plato and the high renaissance

1)What song did historian Edward Gibbon sing to himself?

2)Who was an Aristotelian civic humanist ideal?

3)What is the highest kind of knowledge and love there is?

4)What did Ficino define as Platonic love?

Chapter 18 - Twilight of the scholastics: The reformation and the doom of Aristotle

1)What did Luther write about the Aristotelian ethic?

2)What did Erasmus use to slay the scholastic giant?

3)To point others to the true spirit of Christianity and the true path of salvation, what three things did Erasmus need?

4)What is Thomas Aquinas’s definition of intention?

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