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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ch. 13 - Knowledge is Power

If philosophy has taught me anything, it is that I know nothing. Or was that Rose Leslie’s character, Ygritte, from Game of Thrones? Anyhow, the concept of philosophy allows one to push their minds to critically examine the world in which they live. This examination, if true and honest, should not shy away from seeking to answer those questions which may be deemed unanswerable.

With that being said, Bernard’s theory is a bit flawed. Honestly, can we truly define human understanding? As a self-proclaimed Christian, I have an understanding of my faith and how my faith directs my path. Thus, the mysteries of the world are not beyond my understanding. What may not be understood by you is viewed as a miracle from GOD to me.

I perfectly understand that the abilities of my mind can take me many of places. “Oh, the places you will go!” (I Read Story Books) Yet, the abilities of my mind are a gift from GOD. A gift that does not deter me from seeking understanding, even if the understanding is a mystery. More so, it is a gift that propels me to seek that understanding that I may serve as a light for those in the dark
In conclusion, the pursuit of knowledge beyond human understanding is a gift from GOD. The pursuit of that wisdom serves to move humanity forward. It serves to provide focus for unfocused and bridge the gap for the lost.


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  1. I'm half with you: the abilities of my mind ARE a gift. And sometimes a curse... the disabilities moreso.

    I'm not lost, I'm exploring.

    But I'm all-in with you on Dr. Seuss!