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Monday, January 27, 2014

GROUP 2: Summary (KOM)

+ here is a gif.. I found it on Tumblr.... it's a "philosophical" cat, get it? Okay... So.. about this blogging business.. I'm still a little foggy on what I am supposed to do but I'm just going to take a little stab at it and hope you guys understand what I'm talking about. 

+ today, we broke into groups and right now we go by the alias "Group 2" but I hope that throughout this semester we can come up with something a tad more interesting than that. 

+ Dr. Phil,
discussed today who his favorite philosopher was and why, which was pretty interesting. I love hearing about why people choose their favorite, well.. anything. 

+ I think we all agree that the scorecard is a little confusing (unless you're a baseball person, which unfortunately, I am not) but I'm sure we will get a hang of it pretty quickly. 

+ towards the end of class, we discussed something about picking numbers.. To be completely honest, I forgot what we even said about the numbers but if (conner/connor/conor/however you spell it or jordan) is reading this.. comment below and let us know what exactly we were supposed to do with those numbers. (I apologize for all the blabbing... just look for one of their comments and we will figure out the whole topic on numbers).

+ I think that is enough for today.

+ I'll leave you with this question.. 
"To what extent do you shape your own destiny, & how much is down to fate?" 

-- Jasmine Keithley


  1. Christopher Winfrey8:58 PM CST

    Hey this is Chris, I'm in the group.

    The number thing we were going over, if I'm not mistaken, was for dividing up the reading among the group. We were assigned to read America The Philosophical pages 3-13, and we were trying to split the assignment into three sections so that group members could focus on a few pages. Hopefully we can get a little more organized next class and get this down.

    But anyways, I came up with a few quiz questions while reading. I will probably add more, along with discussion questions and links later. But so far, these are the quiz questions I have come up with:

    Quiz Questions
    1. Who is considered "the greatest living American philosopher" by the New York Post and a "pro-porn feminist" by another?
    2. Who stated that "I think no country in the civilized world is less attention paid to philosophy than the United States?"
    3. Which American talk show host was featured in a headline in May 2011, naming her "The Greatest Existential Philosopher Ever?" Hint: ("You get a ..., you get a ..., everybody gets a ...!")

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  2. Christopher Winfrey10:02 PM CST

    Here are a few more possible quiz questions:
    1. What philosopher is known for his "theory of justice?"
    2. Which philosopher is known for his economics-accented jurisprudence?
    3. Who is considered the "end-of-art-history" aesthetician and critic?
    4. Which philosopher helped spark the Harlem Renaissance?

    Discussion Question: What are possible reasons for foreign philosophers to look down on American philosophers, and how could we develop philosophy further to bring American philosophy to the forefront?

  3. Christopher Winfrey10:32 PM CST

    Just trying to cover at least the first two thirds of the reading in case anyone just doesn't feel like posting, so here are a few more quiz questions:
    1. Who was the Czech Republic's "philosopher president."
    2. Name three countries whose politics were influenced by philosophers.

    1. "In case anyone just doesn't feel like posting" - ?

      Hmmm. I hope no one is thinking of that as a respectable or potentially workable option. But thanks for your post, Christopher.

  4. Christopher Winfrey10:34 PM CST

    Just throwing a link on here too to get those bases. The title of the article is what really caught my attention.

  5. Jordan Huschke4:16 PM CST

    Just so everyone knows what the whole number thing was about, it basically meant dividing the reading up to each person in the group and that person will post about it on here (ex. Jasmine will read the first three pages, Chris will read the next three pages after, etc.). Which is pretty much what Chris said on the first comment. I don't think we need to worry about it that much for this first go around.


    *answering discussion question*
    I think foreign philosophers look down on American philosophers because
    a) American philosophy has not been around as long.
    b) America doesn't take philosophy as seriously as other countries. For example, "in France, all high school students study philosophy and take a nationwide exam in it, familiarizing them with the basics." (pg 13)

    To bring philosophy to the forefront, maybe America can make it a requirement?

    Quiz Question:
    Who was elected to the prestigious philosophy chair at the College de France? (best known for Anglo-American analytic philosophy)

    Here's a website that is trying to help with American philosophy!

  6. Jordan Huschke4:36 PM CST

    Does anybody have a favorite philosopher? If so, what do you like about them?

  7. Austin Ervin5:15 PM CST

    Hey guys. I have noticed that only a few from our group has made an effort to comment. it took me awhile to figure this out, call me dumb but im a little country and never "blogged" before. if thats what you call it. anyways I hope im in the right spot and if so i would just like to say may everyone think as they read and try to really grasp the concepts we learn throughout this semester as i believe will greatly approve our life.

  8. Yousef Al-Ansari5:44 PM CST

    So, I will go ahead and leave my possible quiz question on the reading.

    1. What philosophy professor tried to capitalize on Harry G. Frankfurt's strategy?


  9. Anonymous1:27 AM CST

    I've been busy with other things, and this is my only free time.

    Here is a sample quiz question:
    Which philosopher created the book, "Democracy in America" and thought no country paid "less attention" to philosophy than the United States?

  10. Anonymous1:30 AM CST

    Discussion question: Why do people take philosophy not too serious?

  11. Going back to the original question, "To what extent do you shape your own destiny, & how much is down to fate?"

    I think it's a question all of us have thought about. And while I would like to believe that individuals are capable of deciding their own futures by hard work and planning, I can't deny the notion that outside influences play a vastly crucial role in all of our lives. To put this idea in terms of an analogy, imagine that you're someone who has trained his body to peak condition in preparation for a national tug of war game. No matter how strong or agile you might become from training, you will still be subjected to the pulling forces of the team on the opposite end of the rope. In other words, we all have a large part to play in shaping our own destinies, but that doesn't necessarily negate all of the other "pulling" factors that contribute to our ever-changing futures that is our destiny.

  12. P.S. I'm not from this group, but I couldn't find mine :(

    I'm sure many of you have heard about TED. They put up awesome videos about all kinds of neat stuff: video games, advancements in technology, language--basically anything you can think of. I found this neat video about philosophy that addresses the notion of right and wrong. Be sure to download the TED App; they have a lot of great stuff and I've been watching their videos for years!

  13. http://www.ted.com/talks/damon_horowitz_philosophy_in_prison.html

  14. Zachary Duncan12:39 PM CST

    Hello fellow philosophers, it is Zac Duncan.
    I found an article over our assigned reading, I found it pretty interesting -

  15. I do agree with Jordan in the sense that American's do not seem to take Philosophy as serious as other countries. I too have gotten the cold shoulder when I have discussed taking a course on Philosophy.. with the small response "Oh yeah.. I've read a Socrates quote once..."

    Potential quiz question:
    Upon his career change from wrestling to the field of philosophy, _______ _______ was considered an oddity and needed to be closely watched.

  16. Quiz questions:
    Who said "I think that in no country in the civilized world is less attention paid to philosophy than in the United States"
    What 1980s's low-brow comedy was Socrates characterized in?
    True or False: French high school students study and take a nationwide test on philosophy.

    Discussion question:
    Why is America seen as unphilosophical?

    and as for a link, I couldn't resist: