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Monday, January 27, 2014

KOM Group One Initial Post

Hi Group 1!

 This is more of a test than a true summary. 
  I had some trouble hearing everyone (the tables maybe should be rearranged or something).
There wasn't a lot of talk within our group on who our favorite philosophers were, I think a lot of you are like me and don't really know many.  I offered to post a link to a general page on philosophers to see if we can't get a little background information on this class.

That was more difficult than I thought!

Maybe when we are done reading we can discuss some of that, I am still waiting on my book in the mail so we will see if I can be very active in that discussion or not.
If anyone wants to talk about the reading from last time, I think that would be beneficial also.


  1. Shante'9:52 PM CST

    We will definitely need to come up with a name, since Dr. Oliver's other classes share the same site and there are other group ones. I do not have much knowledge about philosophy, but hope to have at least a complete definition of what it truly is by the end of this week. I guess that means I need to READ! READ! READ!

  2. I have come to realize that America lacks in its ability to give Philosophy the credit it is due. After reading the first several pages in America The Philosophical this fact becomes evident. I believe if one knows the benefits of studying Philosophy, then they will be more excited to learn and read the material so I found a link to a page that gives a brief summary of its importance and then list several links to other websites that you may find useful. Please let me know if you find anything useful or interesting.



    1. I think it's great that the website you posted boasts the benefits of philosophy in respect to its use in a variety of professions as well as its usefulness in learning to problem solve and analyze things. I feel as though more people would be inclined to learn more about philosophy at its core if they realized it was more than a bunch of names and terms. A lot of people, I think, have so little insight as to what philosophy as a course has to offer, and that's why they never give it a chance.

    2. Not to mention the unfortunate stigma placed on majoring in philosophy. I have heard many people tell me it is a "joke" to do so. It really is a shame because I think we could gain a lot from being able to think through things methodically (in any profession, like you were saying). I would be interested to see where this idea got started in the first place, like if it is actually difficult to find jobs out of school if you do select that major.

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  4. Hey guys!
    I kind of have some mixed feelings on the assigned reading. I agree that a lot of Americans as generally unaware about the relevance and usefulness of philosophy, but I don't think America is as clueless and disinterested as the reading made us sound. At least in my own experience I have found a great many people (and not just people on campus) that have a good grasp on what philosophy is and can hold conversation about the topic. I think a lot of people have the desire to know more about philosophy, especially more modern philosophy, but simply don't have the time or numerous resources to get into it. While I can admit that our culture doesn't press philosophy as a staple of knowledge like other cultures, I don't think we're nearly as blind as the reading made us out to be.

    So here's a discussion question for you guys: the reading addressed America's lack of philosophy in literature and the arts while discussing in short some of the numerous films, works of fiction, art and music that are centered around philosophers and philosophical ideas in other countries abroad. Do you guys think America has been given proper credit in these categories? Can you guys think of any examples of American works and art that were overlooked in this segment?
    Here's one example I found, though I'm not sure how well known she is or was or what have you. The information on her is very brief but extremely interesting.

    FQ: Who was the author of Democracy in America and thought that no country paid "less attention" to philosophy than the United States?

  5. Aaron Caveny8:42 PM CST

    I agree with Caitlin. Most people in America don't think philosophically but I don't think that we are unaware of deeper ideas. I believe that every individual can have philosophical views and even contributions to the philosophical world. I think modern philosophy for the average person can come a lot from your families views, the media, and what your friends believe.

    What do you guys think? Can the average girl or guy walking down the street be a deep philosophical thinker?

    Here's a link asking "Why does anyone need a philosophy?"

  6. Shante'12:15 PM CST

    Yes, I think the average person walking down the street can be a deep philosophical thinker. The mind is an amazing feature of the human body. It can think beyond the impossible. Many people act on their thoughts and that's what make them a known philosophical; some people just think and don't do anything beyond that thought. All a person have to do is research and read up on all the deep thoughts that they think. It's in us all. That's my opinion.

    1. Shante'12:20 PM CST

      I was replying to Aaron's comment. I didn't hit the reply button:(

  7. Erin Herbstova12:16 PM CST

    I think Americans do think deeply but I don't ever think we really feel like we are calling it being philosophical. I would argue that most Americans are capable of deep thought but I think that's simply what we call it deep thought we don't just go "wow that idea was really philosophical." Philosophy can come in many different forms and I would say that more Americans are focused on things such as Aesthetic Philosophy like "what is beauty?" or Ethical Philosophy like whether something is morally wrong or right.

  8. Discussion Questions: After learning a little more about what philosophy is, do you feel you have a developing philosophy? Were you aware of all the aspects of philosophy or maybe only part of them? I know I had a basic philosophy on life when I walked in to this class, but after reviewing more material on the subject, I can say I was not aware of all it encompasses.

    FQ: In the 1980s, which University disbanded it's entire philosophy program as soon as a cost crunch hit? (Rockefeller)

  9. Zachary VanDusen1:56 PM CST

    I agree with Colton. As Americans, we don't necessarily look at philosophy as a primary field of study. It seems as if it is more of an after thought. But philosophers in this country do indeed feel they are just as prestigious as British philosophers. The major difference is that the public seems to be more active in Britain than here in the states.