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Monday, January 27, 2014

Group 3 summary- thunder dragons

Why did certain people choose the philophers they chose as their favorite philosophers?


  1. The philosophers chose their favorites in particular to a specific work that they encountered from that philosopher. Not because of others just saying that one philosopher in particular was great, but because they came across their works on their own accord and found something specific in each of them that they truly thought was provoking.

    FQ: Which country did Tocqueville describe as having the least attention to philosophy in the entire "civilized" world?.... (ANSWER: The United States)

    DQ 1) In America do you think that philosophy is not taken seriously? Why or why not?
    2) Do you think philosophy is something to be feared or loved?
    3) Do you think America is more philosophical than most countries? Why or Why not?

    Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/01/books/review/america-the-philosophical-by-carlin-romano.html

    1. 1. I believe philosophy is generally taken as seriously as any other field of study.
      2. According to the original Greek, it says in the name that philosophy is to be loved. Philosophy is, however, a constant seeking of the unknown, and many do fear the unknown...
      3. Than most countries? Yes. Than most "civilized" countries? No way. I have no evidence to support this (other than Tocqueville's quote), but I imagine other countries have more of a focus on the subject in secondary school. Personally, I've never studied the subject, and this is my fifth year in college.

  2. The Philosophers chose their favorite philosopher based upon their own experiences. The text that they read from other philosophers peaked their interest causing them to develop a liking for that philosopher or they made them think about things in a different light.

    1. FQ: Which philosopher eloped spark the Harlem Renaissance, which began the black artistic self-expression period?

  3. I just posted a comment of suggestions for my group's name, and number one was Thunder Dragon... swear to everything I hadn't seen this o.0

  4. Erika Butler10:52 AM CST

    Honestly, I don't have a famous philosopher. There hasn't been anyone who has caught my attention to the point where I can say they're my favorite. I feel as though I won't have a favorite philosopher till the end of this semester after we learn about more people.

    DQ- Romano argues that in the 21st century America is the more philosophical then any country in the present and in previous years due to our many technological, social and economical advancements. Do you agree with his claim and the supporting evidence he uses? Why or why not?

    FQ- The philosopher lecturer that founded the Shining Path terrorist group of Peru is __________ (answer-Abimael Guzman)
    FQ- Who was the famous Greek philosopher that Fidel Castro quoted in his autobiography? (answer-Plato)

  5. I chose my favorite philosopher, Jonathon Edwards, based on his theology and his sermons. Many don't really think of him as a philosopher, but more as a preacher. He focused on the absolute sovereignty of God, and played a major role in the Great Awakening.

    I was also responsible for providing questions/comments/links for the third part of our assigned reading:
    Comment: The section I read (The Beginning of Chapter 2) focuses on "Eros".

    Question: What is "Eros"? Answer: Aristophanes says, "it is the search for your literal other have; it is the desire to be reunited with this other half and thereby achieve its original state. It's the yearning and quest to gain what you've lost."
    Others simply describe Eros as "whatever makes you tingle".

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-efnHJ02-g
    This is a video by the band Young The Giant, the title of the song is "Eros", it was released about a week ago, I thought it was interesting because it relates to Symposium a dialogue by Plato about a drinking party and the nature of erotic love.

  6. I honestly don't know enough about any philosophers to anoint anyone my favorite. It will take some learning and understanding of the beliefs that many of them have. I should be able to answer this question within a few weeks.

    FQ- Who was the first philosopher in the western tradition? (Answer- Thales of Miletus)

    DQ- Where do you think we would be if Plato and others never though about finding answers to the worlds most mystifying questions?

    Go Dragonz!!!

  7. I think Descartes is one of my favorite philosophers if I had to choose one. I don't really know much about him or others, but I took French for a few years and he was discussed quite a bit in our classes. I think certain people choose certain philosophers as their favorites because of their personal life experiences and they might relate to one more than others because of their personal philosophies.

    FQ- Which event is said to have "terrorized" Americans into deep and often polemical thought on the meaning of good and evil?

    DQ- Is American really one of the more philosophical countries as argued in the book? Which country do you think appreciates philosophy the most?

    Link: This is an article written by Edward Higgins( who writes about social and political issues) written in 2003 about 9/11 and the philosophical lesson he believes it taught.

  8. It's interesting to notice how far gone philosophy is in the United States in comparison to other areas of the world, especially Europe. Growing up, I never once heard about the importance of philosophy, nor was I ever forced to study it until I arrive at college and have the option to take it as a general education course. Obviously, other countries value the study of philosophy much more than Americans do. However, with the philosophers still in the United States, I don't think that the United States is too far behind in the race between philosophical leaders in the world.

    FQ: Which includes philosophical authors in newspapers more, the United States or France? (answer: France)

    DQ: Do you think that the United States is still in the run when it comes to leading the world in philosophical leaders?

    Link: Here's an interesting blog post about whether or not America truly is philosophical. http://dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasnews.com/2012/06/is-america-phil.html/

  9. Edward Davila12:14 PM CST

    As of right now, my favorite philosopher would be John Locke due to his great influence of our constitution in the United States of America.

    FQ: What program did Bruce Buchanan develop from his philosophical work at Michigan State? (Dendral Program)

    DQ: In your opinion, what factor contributed the most to America's philosophical success.

    Link:This is a link to a short biography of the great American philosopher, John Dewey