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Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Quiz


1. Who came out first in the informal Philosophy Bites poll?

2. Who did Noel Carroll & others select, for his naturalistic & teleological approach? (HINT: an ancient Greek who was not Plato.)

3. Who did Jonathan Glover pick, "because he invented the whole thing"? (HINT: again, not Plato.)

4. Brian Leiter picks "Fred" ______, "a great writer... right more than wrong" about most things. (HINT: a 19th-century German with a big moustache.)

5. Several respondents picked ____ ________ ____, a 19th-century British utilitarian, an exponent of liberty who overcame a high-pressure childhood and mental collapse, and spoke up early for women's rights. (HINT: one of his supporters is current chair of the Vandy philosphy department.)

6. Jonathan Wolfff picks _____ ____, a Scot who wrote A Treatise of Human Nature at age 26. (HINT: same as #1)

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