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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Group 2 - Section 12 - Jan. 29th Group Discussion

Our group met during the last few minutes of class, and we admittedly did not have much philosophy-based discussion. We mainly talked about our roles in the group, and we made the responsibilities of those roles clear for everyone.
We had a new group member (welcome!), so we brought him up to speed while everybody filled out their scorecards for the day.
By some incredible coincidence, Group 3 in one of the sections of this class has already taken the name Thunder Dragons.  I swear I came up with that on my own (lol).
So everybody get the reading done, and let's get some good questions posted.  I suppose we need a new choice of name as well.

Carpe diem!


  1. Jason Dziadosz2:14 PM CST

    Both you and John have commented for our group so i'll repost here, just in case!

    FQ: Philosophy is referred to as what distasteful lunch meat, and by Whom?

    DQ: Susan Jacoby uses "dopey TV shows" (I would think she had shows such as The Kardashians, The Bachelor, etc... in mind), as an example of America's dumbed down society. Socrates insists that a life unexamined is not a life worth living. Are these TV shows an example of trading insight for mind-numbing distraction? Or would you say that examining the lives of others (even on TV) is an insight into our own lives?

    Link: http://www.wetpaint.com/kardashians/gallery/2013-09-09-kim-kardashian-says-12-quotes#1

    I think naming our group Philosophy Bites would be hilarious. Don't know how well our teacher would respond though...

    1. Clever, but not entirely original...

  2. Morganne Stanfill9:40 PM CST

    I was assigned the Socrates section of the readings. I found it very interesting that for one of the most celebrated philosophers of all time, Socrates claimed he knew nothing at all. Here's some questions and a link about Socrates, his life, and his philosophy.

    FQ: Which philosopher was put to death 2,400 years ago in Athens for asking too many questions? -Socrates

    FQ2: Which philosopher constantly proved to people that they did not know as much as they thought they knew? -Socrates

    FQ3: Which philosopher claimed he "didn't know anything"? -Socrates

    DQ: Why do you think Socrates was disliked by many people during his time?

    DQ2: Do you think you would be able to get along with Socrates today if engaged in conversation with him?

    LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2KzymrmNa0

    1. Hey Morganne. I may have posted about some of your assignment, just don't recall assignments being given in our group. sorry. I'll get used to this soon. your DQ's, though, i'll respond to.

      DQ 1: I think he was disliked because he was different. Happens all the time.
      DQ 2: No. I'm sure I would respect him, but am pretty sure i'd have a hard time having a 1 on 1 conversation with him. Too Smart. Not that im not intelligent, but some people are just exceptional. Sometimes it's hard to relate to the exceptional...

  3. DQ: Do you believe Plato copied Socrates's conversations verbatim or did he create is own?

    FQ: In 399 B.C. who took Socrates to court at 70 years old, for neglecting the Athenian gods and introducing his own?


  4. DQ: How do you guys feel about the story in PBB about Zeus cutting everyone in half and they then walking the Earth forever in search of their other half?

  5. FQ: Who said that love is the desire to process the good forever through be getting and bearing offspring by means of beauty?

  6. FQ: What are the three different positions of love described by Hobbs when questioned on Plato on Erotic Love?

    DQ: What is love? Better yet, what does it mean to truly love someone or something?

    1. Here is a link that has a review on Plato's Symposium.


  7. Zachary Duncan1:10 PM CST

    Quiz Question:
    In Philosophy Bites Back, in the first chapter "Mary Margaret McCabe on Socrates and the Socratic Method" Nigel Warburton said: The person engaged in the Socratic method is not a thoughtful individual in a _________. What goes in the blank?

    Answer: Library

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2KzymrmNa0

  8. I was responsible for the Plato section of the reading. Here are a few questions I came up with...

    FQ- What would plato say that idea of a perfect circle is? -The Form of a Circle

    FQ- Who Wrote The Republic which described an imaginary Perfect society? Plato

    DQ- If both Plato and Socrates questioned the government why do you think that the people singled Socrates out and sentenced him to death, while Plato carried on after his death and continued Socrates teachings?

    Here's a youtube link I found that gives you a quick look at Plato and his theory of Forms. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7xjoHruQfY

  9. Okay so I know we did not meet on monday; however, I have some questions over the reading that is due tomorrow.

    I read the section on Aristotle for tomorrow.

    FQ- Who wrote the book The Nicomachean Ethics and why was it named that? Aristotle and it was named after his son

    FQ- What was the name of Aristotle's school in Athens? Lyceum

    DQ- Which forum of thinking can you identify with most Aristotle's or Plato's? Abstractly about the Form of something or to look at examples of something?

    Link: Here's a link to Spark notes if anyone is interested in getting the synopsis of Aristotle's book..

  10. Morganne Stanfill11:27 AM CST

    Since we did not meet on Monday, I figured I'd post some questions and links pertaining to the reading due in class today. I do not see many questions on Irwin from Philosophy Bites Back, so here we go:

    DQ: According to Terence Irwin, Aristotle thought learning to live a good life is something that can be taught in schools. Do you agree with Aristotle?

    FQ: Who is the Ancient Philosophy professor from Oxford who speaks on Aristotle's ethics? -Terence Irwin

    Link: The following link talks about some of Aristotle's ideas that Irwin mentions in the book.

  11. Aristotle (LH)
    FQ: Who did Aristotle tutor after studying with Plato?- Alexander the Great
    DQ:"Euclaimonia can only be achieved in relation to life as a society" Do you agree, or disagree.

    Irwin (PB)
    DQ: What is education for and what should it include?

    Pigs. 27-36 (AP)
    FQ: Who was the first black to receive PhD in philosophy from Harvard?- Alain Locke