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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daily Quiz

Jan 29

1. What 19th century French visitor said no country paid less attention to philosophy than the U.S.?

2. Where (according to Romano) is "the most philosophical culture in the history of the world"?

3. Who did the Christian Science Monitor call "the greatest existential philosopher ever?"

4. Which American philosopher cofounded the ACLU, and which helped turn psychology into its own discipline?

5. Venezuelan president Chavez borrowed what from whom, when visiting Cuba?

6. What Princeton philosopher wrote On Bullshit?

If you aced this, or if one of these is your FQ (even if slightly re-worded), give yourself an additional run - a Quiz Run (QR). But remember, you have to have circled the bases and scored your first run before you can add any QRs.
Also noteworthy in today's reading:

What flamboyant former basketballer and self-styled international diplomat was hyped by his publisher as in a league with Socrates and Confucius? (4)

What did the English Economist say about British and American philosophy? (8)

Is "Isocrates" a typo? (8)

Who is Cornel West? (9)

Who is Vaclav Havel? (9)

What is the Stone? (10)

What is Sophie's World? (12)

Why have some college philosophy programs been closed or threatened with elimination? (12)

Who is Matthew Lipman? (13)

What are some recent books that have argued against the idea of American culture as intellectually respectable? (13)

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