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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Peck Hall Group 3 MW 2:20

Hello Everyone,

So in class we went over the reading in the Philosophy Bites Back and attempted to answer some of the questions on the quiz. I don't know about you all, but I have a horrible memory so I was unable to get any of the answers right. We did go over our group introductions again and it was a pleasure hearing from all of you. I have to be honest, I have yet come to the understanding of what philosophy is and what exactly is expected of me in this class. Is it the way we live our life? Is it what we expect from life? or Why are why we are here and what is our purpose? Maybe some of you have a better understanding that you can share with the group.


Vagif Seidov


  1. I am the exact same way as you are my friend I am unsure what is expected from me also. I never got the chance to give my insight from a philosophical stand point so heres that.
    Be not afraid of Death,
    live your life to the fullest,
    be not timid nor bashful,
    live with courage and honor,
    manifest your own destiny and let no man tell you otherwise,
    lead by example and ask nothing of others you are not willing to do yourself,
    and when Death finally comes for you,
    do not weep nor beg for mercy,
    stand tall and embrace Him as you would an old friend,
    for in the end Death comes for us all.

    Also i wanted to share with the class on baseball terms, I am just here to score.

  2. Also I was wondering how we are suppose to split these readings up.

  3. http://philosophy.fsu.edu/content/view/full/36588

    Maybe this could help us, but I'm with Jay I'm only here to score.

    1. You're only here to score? "Here" meaning this class? "Score" meaning get a good grade? Worthy goal, but I hope everybody's here to learn and to share.

  4. I think im in the right place, but correct me if im wrong. I was thinking that we didnt really have a whole lot to discuss on here at this point in time, But hey Mikayla, that link is perfect at kind of explaining philosophy without completely losing me.

  5. I agree with Robert, Mikayla! I can't lie I feel terribly lost but I'm hoping through our groups we can be able to help each other out this semester. I'm willing to set up a study group if anyone else wants to!

    1. Please tell me in class, everyone, exactly what you're feeling "lost" about. I promise it's not rocket science