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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Group 3 MWF 2:20

Today we did not get to talk about much due to only have roughly ten minutes to really talk. We figured out all our reading assignments and distributed them amongst the group. Do you think we should come up with a name like he suggested the first day? Also, I wanted to mention this to the whole group but did not get the chance to. We should all swap numbers or something. If any of you need mine it is 731-693-3648 I understand it;s not ideal to post it on the internet but do as you please.

Thank you,
Jay Mashburn


  1. James McVey11:43 AM CST

    (FQ) What method of execution/suicide was used to kill Socrates?

  2. James McVey11:46 AM CST

    (DQ) Why was the Socratic Method met with hostility during his life?

  3. (FQ) Who were the teachers that would charge their students in the art of speech making?

    (DQ) Why do you think Socrates lives on in Plato's dialogues?

  4. Also, my number is (919)931-8417 :)

  5. FQ- Socrates said "The _____ ____ is not worth living." fill in the blank
    DQ- Do you think Socrates really believed he did not have anything to teach?

  6. FQ- What does the term "Eros" mean?.

  7. Brianna Carroll8:50 AM CST

    My phone number is (423)333-5771. I don't have my FQ's or DQ's because I was going to post them at work before class ( I work in front of a computer) but I grabbed the wrong notebook when I left. Sorry guys! I know you were so excited to answer my questions..