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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Section 9. Installment 2: Logic

     In Alice in Wonderland, there is a certain philosophy about logic and the way humans perceive things. The nonsense in which the characters of Alice in Wonderland seem to live in only seems like nonsense because we only see the surface of everything.
When one is only able to see the surface of an event, they are not able to understand the logic of it. Therefore, they see the event as nonsense.
     The same can be said if one doesn't understand the experiences of others because they are different than their own. The close mindedness of a person can result in the misunderstanding of the experiences of others. One must open their mind and attempt to see things in ways other than their own in order to fully understand another person or an event. In relation to Alice in Wonderland, George A. Dunn writes,
"They only seem nonsensical to us because our experience of our world aboveground and on this side of the looking glass has burdened us with a slew of preconceptions about what can and cannot be accomplished by ingesting the caps of gilled fungi."
     The way that we understand things is all about perception and how deep you are willing to look into them. You may perceive something as nonsense because you are only looking at the bigger, general picture instead of the details. One must dig past the surface of something to really understand the logic of it.

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