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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Going back into my earlier post on my thoughts of religion, I think that the world could do without it. I mean think about it this way, if religion had of not of included being a good a person into it would people still be genuinely good people? I personally do not think much would really change. I think that it is just in human nature to naturally want to do good. To me when I think of religion I think that it is just a way to control the people in society and society itself.  Growing up in the church as a child, my grandmother instilled in me early that God is omniscient. Meaning he knows all and see all. Being the person I am I questioned that. I even questioned how come god could not be a woman. My grandmother being just like everyone I asked said, ”Do not question God”.  I then started to ponder some ideas of my own after not getting my questions answered by neither my grandmother or any of our preachers. I as I grew I started noticing more and more about my religion that could not be explain to me properly so I lost interest in going to church altogether.

            Do not get me wrong I believe in god and that there is a higher being, I just would like some clarity on some things. Which leads me into the discussion on the subject of religion and personal beliefs.  Like I stated earlier, I believe there is a God, or higher being, but when I look at the Christian religion I see a wrathful god. Although the Christian god is looked at as a very benevolent spirit or being, as base upon your own belief. I see a god who is very wrathful to his worshipers, but at the same time very loving. This leads me to think how come this god could not be in deed a female. Thus meaning if the universe and god is one in the same, then the universe would then also be a female. Just like the females we have come to know and love today, the lords sounds like a woman. At least he or she does to me.

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