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Monday, May 1, 2017

 Justin Brown
2nd Installment

The Myth of Sisyphus
            The Myth of Sisyphus was written by Albert Camus. He originated his philosophy the absurd. Absurdism is intentionally ridiculous or bizarre behavior or character. In the first chapter the French philosopher described the terms of absurdism. The question that he believes that matters the most when it comes to philosophy is: “Does the realization of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life necessarily require suicide?”. He believes that life is meaningless and nonsensical and he notice how people strive for meaning. In the story of this myth of Sisyphus he was the founder and king of Ephyra. Sisyphus is smart and evil as well. Sisyphus profession was being a highwayman. A highway man is a robber who stole from travelers on foot. The gods rebuked Sisyphus for rolling a rock on top of the mountain knowing that the rock would roll back because of its weight. In a plot to kill his brother he got his niece pregnant. He killed travelers and betrayed the gods. Mercury sent down the god of death (Thanatos) whom is the god of death so he can tie down Sisyphus. Sisyphus was so smart that he out smarted the god of death and instead the god was death was in chains. Sisyphus was near death and he wanted to test his wife love for him and ordered here to give him a proper burial for his undead body but he ended up in the underworld. But he escaped by tricking Pluto. He came back from the underworld to discipline his wife for not doing what he said do for the proper burial. When he came back to earth he experienced again the water, sun, the seas and everything that was beautiful to the eye of nature which made him want to stay and not be inside of the underworld. Mercury came back and snatched him from his happiness and took him back to the underworld for eternity. Him mocking the gods and his wrong doings on earth caused him to be locked away for eternity. This story was “absurd” to me but he was known for an absurd hero. This story explains Alberts way because him not caring about life, thinking that its meaningless wrote about the story of a meaningless man who obviously didn’t care about his outcome of never seeing daylight again. Basically, the meaning of albert’s question showed that Sisyphus was once a king and had it all. But his disobedience and careless out look of life made him lose it all. He thought he was invincible but he was smart and the sneakiest king. No one could catch him but the King Zeus to put him away for good which made Sisyphus an “absurd” hero.

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