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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Section 10 Second Installment. Christianity and how I related religion to the Cave.

Logan Mize

Second Installment

In my last installment, I touched on the controversial subject of Christianity, and Plato’s, “Allergory of the Cave”, and how it changed my perspective of life.
During the symbolic exit of the cave, the escaped prisoner is blinded by the sun. It takes time for his eyes, that is only accustomed to darkness, time to adjust to the light. This adjustment period can be an extremely intense period in someone life. It is getting used to the things around you in your new point of view, which without help, can often be scary, until the complete adjustment.
When Plato speaks about returning to the cave, the escaped prisoner speaks of the life outside of the cave to the cave dwellers. They are in disbelief and offended at his words and plot to kill him.
Obviously the result in real life isn’t death. But like all things in this lesson, it is symbolic of something. When trying to tell people of what I experienced, I was often laughed at and called, ”way out there.” How can someone insult someone that is trying to help them? It is because they do not understand. It can be very hard to make people realize and understand the lesson, especially without making them feel less than you, even if that isn’t your intent. To most, it is too much of a change. They would rather keep living their life then try and change it in search of the truth.
Coming from an extremely Christian household, I have not explained my feelings towards my family. I feel they would only worry and go through extreme depression because I will not make it to heaven with them. This saddens me and I know it must be dealt with at some point in my life. This is something many like me struggle with.

If you decided to research The Allegory of the Cave, try to relate to it, it’s a good way to truly understanding it. From these installments, I hope you can take a new persective of the Cave with you, and try and understand it through my perspective. It is always helpful to look at any situation through others perspectives.

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