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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jalen Mims Love and Tolerance Part Two

Jalen Mims
Phil 1030-008
When people ask how do you spread love and tolerance and not hate and destruction with the terrible climate of today’s environment, with everything we have going on. I simply say you can spread the love with kindness. You can spread tolerance through knowledge. When it says you can spread love through kindness, I simply mean just that. Random acts of kindness are some of the most genuine and purest forms of love.  When you simply smile at someone you never know how that smile that you gave them might simply have saved their life. That smile might but what it takes to keep a person from doing things to themselves and others.
In today's day and age, we simply disregard kindness. We put it on the back burner of our lives, so when someone actually shows it to us we are taken back and you see someone real emotions come into the fold for a quick second. You see the quick glimpse that the world might actually be alright and that's kindness is not forgotten about but it simply stuck in the shadows of darkness. But with your act of kindness, you have shined a little light on it to show it that it has not been left in the dark ages. When spreading the love you have to remember tolerance. The tolerance that people will have different views than yourself, that people will basically just never understand. But then you get the people who merely do not know any better and that's where the beautiful thing call tolerance comes sweeping into the room. The same tolerance that you learned so that you can still be okay with people not liking your point of view is the same tolerance you can teach someone else how to learn about new things.
One way I spread tolerance through knowledge is through teaching people about the LGBTQ community. I ask people these questions before I start the conversation about the LGBTQ community and I reflect back to them when someone seems to be trying to throw hatred into their conversation. 1) Does this really affect me? 2) Why am I fighting so hard to stop people from living their lives? 3) How would I feel if heterosexual lifestyle was judge like theirs is? When you ask yourself these questions make sure you answer honestly. Nevertheless yes, they are different than you on their sexual orientation, or even genders, but other than that they still are human beings like yourself. Why? Do we treat them as if they don’t compare to heterosexual white or black people? Why? Do we hate that they are finally living their lives to the fullest and not sneaking around in alley like some alley cats? Does it really bother you that they are homosexual or that they are transgender? How does that affect your daily life?  We see alarming rates of LGBTQ children committing suicide simply because their parents wouldn’t give them love because they were different, they would cast them out onto exile and wish them into damnation instead of learning tolerance for their own child.
Most of the times, we see people act out in hate and destruction solely because they have no knowledge of what they are hating. They are only taught to hate things that are different than themselves and they continue the destructive cycle. That is where the spreading of Love through kindness and the spreading of Tolerance through knowledge comes in. when people obtain knowledge about something they knew nothing about and they fully process it. You can feel tolerance and love sweep through the room like a warm breeze. You see that the person simply exhales, breathes in this new air that simply allows them to say the words “I’m sorry, I never knew”.  Those words are some of the most powerful words to an LGBTQ advocate. It indications that people can change and that the world isn’t just filled with bigots and hatred, that some people are merely miss educated on the issue. So you asked why do I devote myself to spreading love and tolerance and not hate and destruction in this world, I do solely because, with every person that I can get to learn tolerance, I can save an innocent child from a dreadful fear of being hated and the potential for destruction to come to them.
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  1. Xenophobia (the fear of those who do not look like you) is an extremely troubling problem that stems from the textbook definition of ignorance, and a thought process that lacks any sort of depth, comprehension of complex nuances, or introspection, and it is a disgusting infringement on basic human rights.